Football Manager 2014 System Requirements

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Football manager 2014 release is just around the corner now, and although this is a simulation game with database requirements and not much of a graphic thingy, FM series in the last 2-3 years do require good mechine to run it properly and flawless. Slow computers or laptops struggle in the game interfarence. So what is the ideal system requirements to run the game on PC or Laptop ? Here are the official requirements from Sports Interactive and our recomended system specification.

Football Manager 2014 PC System Requirements:

Minimum Specification  Recomended Specification
Intel CPU Pentium 4 1.8GHz  Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz    
AMD CPU Athlon XP 2000+  Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
Nvidia GPU
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660  GeForce GT 330    
AMD GPU Radeon HD 2600 Pro  Radeon HD 7620G    
RAM 1 GB  4 GB    
Operating System
Win Xp 32  Win Xp 32    
Direct X DX 10  DX 10    
HDD Space 2 GB  8.5 GB    


Football Managers 2014 Recomended Laptops
you alreayd have a laptop and looking to play FM manager on it, than probably you need to check out the system specs going into the release day, If you have a good mechine which ran FM 13 reasonably well than you dont have to worry about as there wont be much of a different but If you are looking to buy a new Laptop just for Football Manager than here are a few budget and high end laptops you might want to take a look.

Budget Laptop:

i5 without dedicated Graphic Card- £350
The least you can have an Laptop and play FM with good experience is most of the i5 laptops availabe in the market. The processor power should be enough to keep the the FM in check.

Recomended Laptop:

i7 + Dedicated Graphics Card £650
A i7 with dedicated Graphic card will cost you around £650 but this mechine will be good enough to play FM 2014 with good detail and with no loading times. If I was buying a new laptop for FM, I would go for Asus, Toshiba or Dell’s i7 with dedicated card which will also let me enjoy FIFA or PES on laptop.

[ More details will be available soon about PC configuration here Check back later ]

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