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football manager 2015

FM 2015 will be another installment in highly popular football management game and the first game came out in 1992 under the name of “Championship Manager” which was developed by Eidos Interactive company. Since than the franchise has come along way but in 2005 eidos interactive seperated from partner company sports interactive (Uk based software company). Sports Interactive went ahead and released a new version of Football Manager 2005 and the game kept its source code but lost the rights to use “championship manager” name. Since than SI has released a new version each of the last 9 years and latest was released back in 31st October 2013 called FM14.

Football Manager 2015 – Release Date:

Now we are at the time of the year when every FM fan is looking for news, announcements and the updates regarding the upcoming version. So for however SI has not announced the 2015 game but we can be sure that the announcement is just around the cornet. So you are on this page to know whe the game will be released, right ? the safe guess is in the last week of October or the first week of november. Lets take a look at last 3 FM game release dates.

Past Game Release Dates:

  • FM 2010 – 30 October 2009 (friday)
  • FM 2011 – 05 November 2010 (friday)
  • FM 2012 – 21 October 2011 (friday)
  • FM 2013 – 02 November 2012 (friday)
  • FM 2012 – 31st october 2013 (thursday)

So as you can look at the above dates you will see that game usualy comes out on last friday of October or the first friday or november, so looking at the calendar of 2014 the game might be released either on 31st October 2014 or 07th November 2014 with 31st october the most likeley.

Beta Versions ?

In the last couple of years FM gave away a beta version of the game to people who pre-order the game and they could take their save files to the full version of the game once released. I am pretty sure SI will continue the tradition for loyal FM fan base who likes to pre-order the game.

[ But we will keep you updated with all the news and updates from SI and other FM blogs around internet, you should bookmark this page and keep checking this page for more updates, until than take a look at our FM15 wishlist ]

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