EA Sports FIFA World Cup 2014 Video Game Release Date & News

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FIFA world Cup 2014 video game release date EA Sports Announced 2014 World Cup Game

EA Sports has confirmed that FIFA World Cup 2014 Video Game is in development and will be released on Xbox One and PS4 a month before the FIFA World Cup begins. We can expect to have the game at the end of club football as EA Sports try to generate sales just before the World Cup.

Andrew Wilson head of game development at EA Sports told media, that EA are working on several new titles one of which is FIFA World Cup game which was already under production and it will be released on next gen consoles.

FIFA WC 2014 Video Game – Announced

FIFA world Cup 2014 video gameFIFA World Cup 2010 Game (the best ever in the series)

I have been playing FIFA for ages and according to me, FIFA World Cup 2010 was the best game in the series with FIFA 10 coming close 2nd. What made FIFA world Cup 2010 great was the fact EA took the feedback from the fans after the release of FIFA 10 and tweek a few gameplay changes and we got more than we expected in the WC 2010 game and the gameplay was called 10.5 and it really worth the money.

But same can not be said about Euro 2012 which was almost same game as its big brother FIFA 12 with a few game play changes and EA charger for the DLC more than $40 bucks.


[ We will be placing more informationa heading into the 2014 about any updates of EA Sports FIFA WC 2014 Video Game if EA does decide to milk more money from FIFA fans around the world. so you can bookmark this page for future updates ]

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