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FIFA 14 Attacking and Defending

FIFA 14 will be officialy released today around American continent while the European fan base will get their hands on the major football game on 27th, we at TSMPLUG are totaly hooked to FIFA for a quite a while and got a chance to have an early access to the game. We bring you the series of guides and tips to master the art in FIFA 14 in all departments, we will cover everything extensively throughout the season and we will also focus on FUT 14.

Today we are going to discuss in short summary about the attacking tips, and how to score beautiful goals and creat more chances. We will dicuss shooting, crossing more vividly in coming days once we got hold of all the features in FIFA but right now its just the general tips which will help you improve on the game.

FIFA 14 Attacking Tips

In fifa most used mode of FIFA Seasons, you will come up against different kind of opponents, some who like to exploit the game, some who are skillers wannabies and dont care about winning and than some great players who like to build up and pass the ball around. You need to get your attacking strategy right for different opponent and the trick is to figue out how do they play.

fifa 14 possession play guideFifa 14 Possession Gameplay Guide

The main idea behind the successful gameplay in FIFA online, is score goals and concede less goals and both of these things can be achieved by controling the ball and having more possession. Opposition can not score if they dont have the ball simple as that. So here are some tips to be good at passing and keeping the ball.

  1. Dont always look for a forward pass, Try to build your play in the midfield.
  2. Playing with 5 players in midfield will help you get more possession as its easier to find the next pass in and around the middle part of the pitch
  3. You can apply cutom tactics with slower gameplay, and use shorter passing game. But remember these tactics works from team to team.
  4. Pick a team with better passing ability. Barcelona for example with their tiki take can be deadly. But its hard to score goals with Barcelona team in FIFA if you can not pass around.
  5. Dont abuse the lofted long ball stuff, its cheap and you will end up losing possession of the ball again and again.
  6. Use 4-5-1 formation with a tall powerfull striker upfront. It can be a key for good passing game as you can use his ability to hold of play and head it down for on running attackers (Ibrahimovic & PSG are best example)
  7. Dont pass around your defense too much, key is to keep the possession in the middle half of the pitch and you will constantly creat chances. But winning 1-0 90 th minute, you can try to waste the time.
  8. Use pass botton “A” to pass not “Y” the throughball.

#1. FIFA 14 Finishing Tips
Shooting is the most important part of the game, you need to have strikers with good finishing attributes, here are some of the attributes you want to look for when choosing a striker to play upfront.

  1. Finishing Ability
  2. Shot Power
  3. Long Shots
  4. Volleys
  5. Reactions
  6. Ball Control

Shooting & Finishing Tips:

  1. If you are through on goal and almost entering the box, stop sprinting, that way your player can have more composur.
  2. Dont use “finesse shoot” from distance, “finesse shoot” with RB is for finising around the keeper when you are 1 on 1.
  3. Angle your player before shooting.
  4. When you are through on goal, try to keep calm and take your time. Shooting just before keeper commit himself is the best way to score goals.
  5. When inside the box dont push shoot button too long.
  6. To keep the ball low when shooting makes harder for keeper to safe and you can do so by just using 25% of shoot power.

So how to shoot, just pressing shoot button is not enough to get your goals in FIFA Seasons, when one on one with keeper, try to delay shooting as long as you can shoot with absoloute minimum power when keep is about to dive in, its an easy goal every time. Generaly you would like to shoot when you have some space in front of you, the angle is not ridiculous and you are facing the opposition goal, hold down shoot button for little over half a second and use left stick to put direction on the ball. We will discuss advance shooting skills in out FIFA 14 Shooting Tips page.

Heading Tips

Another important tip is to use the players arial ability to snatch up some headed goals from time to time, though dont rely on just crossing, crossing and more crossing all game, try to vary your gameplay.

Heading is important, you need have atleast 1 beast of player who has great heading ability, a drogba like player or general good finishers like Van Persie, Falcao, Ronaldo etc. So when you press the cross button, use left analog stick to towards the incoming ball, once your player is inline with the ball just press shoot for half a second before the ball touches your player and of course put direction on the head with left stick. That way you can win around 75% of the headers.


FIFA 14 defending tipsFIFA 14 Defending Tips:

  1. Do not constantly switch players, that will disrept the defense and midfield dynamic. Change game setting to “manuel switching” and practice almost all great players in FIFA use this setting.
  2. Keep the back four in shape and dont rush defenders out of the line to get ball back.
  3. When you lose the ball focus and getting your midfielders closer to defense line, instead of bringing defenders out of their position to get the ball back, moving defenders out of their line will open up huge space at the back.
  4. Use Jocky Tactics “A”  if you are playing against a “Skiller”. but dont over use this it will give too much space.
  5. If playing against a player who use many lofter through balls, use “RB” to send a computer to running player with the ball, while you mark the runs being made.

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