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FIFA 14 is out and its been more than two weeks of online play and winning division 1 title already twice so today we are going to put together a small guide and tips for the FIFA 14 Season about how to win the division 1 title easily. Its always easier to go through the ranks in at the start of release within couple of months it will get harder and harder to win matches from division 3 to 1. So we start our guide with best teams to use in FIFA 14 Seasons ?

Best Team to use in FIFA 14 Seasons:

FIFA 14 Seasons Online win div 1 title

Best 5-Star Teams:
There are three teams in the game which are head and shoulders above the rest with barcelona, bayern Munich and Real Madrid rated 5 stars and have so much pace going forward.

  1. Bayern Munich – Robben & Ribery two very fast wingers in the game plus solid defense
  2. FC Barcelona – Neymar + Messi two of the best players in the game
  3. Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo is a FIFA 14 bully, easy to score with him plus Gareth Bale speed and power.

Best Teams to win Division 1 Title ?

You might want to read our big guide for FIFA 14 Finishing and Defending which will give you some new tricks to keep the ball and score more goals

Its always harder to pick a 5star team and win the div 1, because you will be playing against other players who uses Real Madrid, Baca and Bayern Munich so trick is a to use a solid 3 or 4 rated team in the game and exploit the game mode. In FIFA 13 the best team to use to win Div1 title was Anderlecht, Anzhi and Zenit and that wont change ths year as well but here are my findings on other good underdogs which might help you win it.

  1. Aston Villa (loads of pace upfront)
  2. Everton (have solid players all over the park)
  3. NewCastle (french invasion, pacy players in the team)
  4. Monaco (Falcao, Rodriguez)
  5. Liveprool (Suarez, Sturridge)
  6. Belgium

When you pick a 3 star or 4 star team in FIFA seasons, ea hook your match against players who are using same star side or below and when it can not find an opponent in the same division it will try to search in divisions below which will give you easy games.

I will update more teams after i try them in the fifa 14, so bookmark this page and comeback here for more details.

FIFA 14 Seasons GamePlay Tips:

Defending Tips:
When you reach div 4 and 3 you will see the quality of player you will come up againt, they dont miss many chances and than your defense will win you points more than your attack.

Important > When you lose the ball, try to bring your players back as soon as possible. Dont bring your defenders out of their lines, instead pick midfielders one by one and drag them back in front of back 4. Thats crucial. Idea is to rap up defese in compact position.

When you dont have the ball, dont attack the ball. dont rush in with your defenders to take the ball back. Let the opposition build up play and in the meantime gather your midfield close to defenders, that way opposition player will commit more players in attack and you can counter.

Overall Tips for FIFA 14 Seasons Winning Div 1

First thing first, dont burn yourself playing the game. Try to play the game when you really want to play and have some free time. Dont force yourself. Plus if you lose a back to back games try to stop playing for a while.

I found its good to play max 3 to 4 games at time, the more you play in one sitting, your gameplay will become more predictable.

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