FIFA 14 For Xbox One, PS4 Prices Pre-Order Date

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 | 1

FIFA 14 Messi cover photo


Next Generations consolves have been announced and will be coming into the market towards the end of the season and FIFA 14 might become the first game to be released on both PS4 and Xbox One consolves as it will be Released on 27th September 2013. EA Sports have confirmed that they will be releasing the next Generations version of the game on both the up and coming consoles while PC wont get the Next Gen, PC xbox and PS3 will have different version from the looks of things.

Microsoft will also be pushing ea for different titles on current consoles and new consoles, because EA is the largest selling sports game in the world and a Next Gen version on Xbox One would surely massively boost Xbox sales. Anyway this is what EA has to say couple of weeks ago when they announced EA Sports Ignite engine

EA SPORTS IGNITE engine will be used in the many sports games like FIFA 14 Madden NFL 25 UFC and NBA 14, it will get the most out of next gen consoles making the game with feautres like Human Intelligence, True Player Motion, Living Worlds.

So here is the trailor teaser which shows the power and next gen consoles and how wonderfull EA can make FIFA, but will they be able to make full use of it ? or we will still be getting the same 13 version with a few upgrades ? only time will tell, In the mean time I am heading to my xbox360 to play FIFA 13.

Next Generation FIFA 14 with Ignite Engine XBox One and PS4 trailor

EA SPorts Ignite Engine Trailor XBox One:

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