Codemasters F1 2014 Game Wish-list

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 | 31

F1 2014 game wish-list

As a massive formula 1 fan I always end up buying every version of codemasters f1 games and the last one was released back in October 2013, which was a pretty solid game. Immedialy after the release, without giving away any secrets, codemaster kind of announced the next version of the game which will be F1 2014 for the new consoles and according to them they are “cooking up a storm” for the next gen release. So we expect the f1 2013 game anywhere around october/november of 2014.

What we know from Codemasters about the F1 2014

  1. Improved resolution and frame-rates uoto 1020p (HD) and 60FPS respectively (confirmed).
  2. Real f1  teams simulator data right into the next gen editions.
  3. Even more crisp graphics.

F1 2014 Wishlist:

Having played the last two games, I am going to write down a few ideas which according to me will improve the game by some distance and I would expect some super ideas from you as well.

  • Difficulty: I think we could do well with harder difficulty, I managed to win championship with torro rosso (I turn off most of the aids)
  • Smarter AI: It gets boring after couple of season, AI are so predictable and don’t push you hard enough while chasing or maintaining the lead.
  • Improved damage graphics: codemaster have to work on this issue, in 2013 version damage was just silly I am sure with new gen consoles they should be able to do more. (but should not go over the top)
  • Control over R&D: the 2014 r&d stuff was childish, I would like to have control according to my priorities. tweaking with parts some should work and some can be unreliable or even slows you down and thats where practice come into play.

The things I can live without but would be cool to have them:

Warm up lape, victory Lap and press conference: all this stuff is good for just the first few races, than they become boring and now body care about them. So no need for them but if they have it I won’t be crying.

Your turn guys, put in a few things which you would like to see in F1 2014 ?


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