Best Teams To Use FIFA 14 Seasons

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 | 0

FIFA 14 Seasons Online win div 1 title

FIFA 14 is out for a month now and online season is getting harder by the day, This is the 2nd most used online mode in FIFA after Ultimate but it is easily the most cmpetitive and interesting. On PS3 you can even get a chance to make it to the FIFA interactive World Cup by playing FIFA 14 Seasons. Last year we discussed about the the best formations and teams to use to get into the div 1 and than winning it and today we bring you another guide to the best teams to exploit the game and make it easier to win matches.

So which is the best team to use in FIFA 14 Seasons ? well thats totaly depend on the way you would like to play the game, FC Barcelona has not been many people’s cup of tea in the previous two versions but this year more emphasis is on passing and Barcelona is a good team to use if you can stick a few passes together. Real Madrid is FIFA bully team, every player in the team is fast and its easier to score against them but very hard to contain Ronaldo and co.

Best 5 Star Teams

  • Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the best team in the game and this has been the case forever. With Ronaldo and Bale in the side they will be hard contain. Their weakness is the defense, its pretty easy to to score against Them but Ronaldo will score a few in every game. They are a little over rated in my openion alongside the Brazilian National side.

  • Bayern Munich

Another solid team, any style of play can suite Bayern Munich, they have a super soild midfield and defense, very good in the air, two of the best wingers in the game good striker upfront who can head the ball. Bayern Munich is a complete side and very hard to beat.

  • PSG

Ibrahimovic & Cavani two of the best forwards in the game right now. Very good mix of pace and passing abilities in the midfied, Thiago Silva lead the defense line as the best defender in the game.

We are going to cover more teams which you can use to exploit the game system to get promotions and win the division one. Teams like Porto, Anderlecht and Shrewbery Town are a few to name but we have a full list of teams which will make it easier for you to win matches.

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