Where is Rooney going?

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, May 28th, 2017 | 0

Go away. It’s good to say he’s going to leave.  Wayne Rooney was once thought to be conceded with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He is also the highest scorer in the history of Manchester United. But currentt coach José Mourinho has no place for hime in his plan.  How to be stay Old Trafford! In the last season, the Premier League played 25 matches. Of these, 15 started in the starting eleven. Nine times have been transferred. Only 90 minutes played in just six matches. The effect of his irregularity in the United lineups has been the effect of the national team’s career. He is the highest goalscorer in England. Rooney is not in the last England squad for England coach Gareth Southgate.

In all, Rooney’s united leave really came. This time around, finding a new address is a sure sign.  Where will Rooney’s new address? China’s football calling his withe a bag of money. As it is known, the United captain has two proposals worth 50 million pounds.

Rooney also getting proposal from the club Everton, which is this childhood club also.  From this childhood club, Rooney has named the Manchester United for 25.6 million transfer fees at 2004. For a player below 20 years this was a transfer fee record. Rooney was 18 years old. It will not be able to pay the money like the Chinese if the childhood club sign him. The buzz is that, if he goes to China, his weekly salary will be 4 million 80 thousand pounds. And the English Premier League club will offer Rooney a week’s £1.5 million salary. From United, which is one million pounds less.

On one hand, the meaning of Chinese money, and on the other hand, the return to the childhood club, which one will choose Rooney?  There is a conflict in mind. Rooney talks to her family. In addition to money and emotions, one thing has come out. If he choose China, his dream to play for England, in fact play for another world cop might me end.

Rooney, who has tied the knot with United for 13 years, said, “I have to make a decision about soccer. I’ll do that. I just played for two clubs. In the Premier League, I will play for these two clubs. ‘

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