VIDEO: Dele Alli filmed ranting in London hotel after being denied an upgrade to party

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 | 0

Dele Alli embroiled himself in controversy after a video of the England footballer ranting in a London hotel surfaced online.

According to various media reports, Alli asked for an upgrade to a £3,000-a-night penthouse suite to enjoy a party with his pals, a demand reportedly turned down by the those at May Fair in the wee hours of Monday morning.

As can be seen in the video below, the 22-year-old went on a rant, reportedly saying: “Fourteen grand. Think I’ll put up with any of this s**t? What are you going to do for me? But I’ve got a room here tonight.”

Notably, the guy standing next to Alli is his teammate Ross Barkley, who chose to make no intervention.

The onlooker who recorded the video was critical of Tottenham Hotspur duo’s behaviour.

He said: “Ross Barkley and Dele Alli, acting like a pair of c**** in here. Embarrassing. Look at them, p***** as anything. Dele Alli telling everyone he spent 14 grand in here. …Embarrassment, these are England players. Absolute disgrace. These are England players, look, these are role models.”

Tottenham are next scheduled to play against Chelsea on Saturday.

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