Manchester United Became the UEFA Europa League Champion

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, May 25th, 2017 | 0

Manchester United has won all trophies. The only remaining was to win the UEFA Europa League. Finally, on Wednesday, Red Devils won this title. On Monday, Jose Mourinho won the AFC Cup 2-0 in Stockholm’s Stockholm final, and for the first time in the UEFA Europa League title.

UEFA Europa League Final held in Stockholm, just 48 hours after the horror of Manchester City’s scandal. Manchester United players came to play in this match with black badge. One minute silence is also observed before the start of the match. But the match against Ayax has been heavily influenced by ManU. In the first half of 18 minutes, Jose Mourinho’s team got the result. Frenchman Paul Pogga scored the first for Red Devils.He also touches a new milestone. In the twenty-first century, he set the record for goals scored in the European Major Tournament as the third player of France.Before that, the legendary Zinedine Zidane (2002) and Kevin Gamiero (2016), are the two most successful footballers.

But the Dutch club did not give up even after behind to United. Ajax played the European Tournament after 21 years, and they make busy Manchester United’s defense one after one attack. But they could not make the target. This resulted in a 1-0 break by the most successful club of English football. Manchester United still have a great game after the break. In the 48th minute of the second half, Hanif Machitorian scored a beautiful goal. at the current season of Europa league it was 6th score out of 11 matches by  Machitorian.

In the subsequent time, the two teams fought hard. But no one has seen any goal. This resulted in an unbeaten 2-0 win over Manu, As well as the fifth team in history, three European champions (UEFA Europa League, Champions League and Club World Cup) have the distinction of being the champions of all major tournaments. Just what? Manchester United back in the Champions League

Jose Mourinho makes history in this win He made two consecutive Champions League and Europa League unbeaten titles as the first coach.

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