Bosnia Herzegovina Kits 2014 World Cup ( Nike or Adidas ?)

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Bosnia & Herzegovica World Cup Kit – Update

We have just found out that new model of Legea Bosnia & Herzegovina kits is going to be release pretty soon. So what it means ? are Bosnian national side going to stick with “Legea” going against the complaints of the fans ? or its just a last minute ploy from Legea to boost their sale before a new contract with some other company is announced. Here are the pictures of new Bosnian Legea kit, both home and away.

Legea New Bosnia & Herzegovina 2014 Home Away Kits

Bosnia legea new wc 2014 home kit ?

Bosnia Herzegovina 2014 World Cup Kits – Another story

The president of Bosnian Football federation announced today that Bosnia will sign a contract with a top sports brand to supply and design their kits. More details to follow in a weeks time.

Bosnia 2014 Kits world cup No Legea Kits – Confirmed

Now we have the confirmation from the Bosnia FA that they won’t sign a contract with Legea for World Cup 2014 kits, which comes as a pleasant surprise for Bosnian football fans as they were not happy with their current kits. Now the question is which company will take over ? The race is between Adidas/Nike for sure.

Bosnia are one of the few sides qualified for 2014 World Cup, yet to unviel their World Cup kits but today we can bring you the news that they will be wearing kits supplied by one of the biggest sports brands but the exact name of the brand was not disclosed. Bosnia had a contract with “Legea”untill the world cup but now as the things stadin we might get Adidas, Nike or even Puma. Following is the official news from Bosnian Football Federetion:

Bosnian Kit Design:

It is also beleived that Bosnia kit has already been designed will be unvieled as soon as the contract with the new kit supplier is signed. so as soon as the kit is released we will have the official pictures here. untill than check our leaked and released kits of 2014 world cup.

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