Adidas Pre Match Jackets 2014 World Cup Spain, Argentina Germany

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 | 1

Adidas has their FIFA World Cup 2014 cloths campigns up and running, today they revealed some pretty nice looking FIFA World Cup 2014 Pre Match jackets which will be worn by players of Spain, Argentina and Germany during the practice and National anthems. While there is also some extra clothing style which range from casual to non casual stuff. Those includes zipper uppers and hoddies and lets take a look at the latest stuff from Adidas.

Adidas Pre Match Jackets for FIFA World Cup 2014

Here are the newly unvieled pre match jackets for Spain, Argentina and Germany by Adidas.

Adidas Practice Shirts Jackets 2014 World Cup

Angle Di Maria from Argentina, Xabi Alonso from Spain and Phili Lahm from Germany stared in the unveiling for FIFA World Cup 2014 practice and Pre Match Shirts “National Anthem Kits” These are zipper jackets which will be worn by teams before the start of the match.

Adidas Casual Pre Match practice & National Anthem Kits

Here are another bunch of leaked pictures of the casual pre match stuff which will be used by adidas sides in FIFA World Cup.

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