Adidas 99 Gram Adizero F50 Boot Release Date 2015

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, May 25th, 2013 | 0

Adidas 99 gram boots

Adidas is known for its innovative ways of producing sports stuff and the have big deals with some of the biggest football clubs and nations as the kit sppliers while they have a huge range of football boots and they are improving to technology to make boots event better with every passing day.

Adidas introduced one more style of boots and this time its a very spectacular shoes which are wighted just 99 grams so they names id Gram Adizero F50 and they will be in the market pretty soon.


Adidas boots 2013 99 gram boots features

  1. The outside or The upper of the adidas Adizero 99 is made of polyester mesh unlike other boots which have leather layer.
  2. Adidas claims that they tested more than 50 materials to find the best possible suit for the F50 90 gram and David alba can be seen in the youtube video wearing and testing out new boots.
  3. These boots are still in their early manufacturing and testing phase and Adidas spokesman revealed that these boots will be available at the start of 2015.

Looking at these shows one would have to say that this looks pretty impressive and the lightest boots available in the market right now are from Adidas Adizeo Prime which weights at around 145 gram so this is quite a big step Adidas are taking towards next gen boots. Thats what we would like to call them next gen boots.

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