Nike Tiempo Legend 5 vs Adidas adiPURE 11Pro Which boot is better ?

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, December 14th, 2013 | 2

Adipure 11pro vs Tiemp Legend V

Nike released the new Tiempo Legend 5 boot edition of their highly successfull boot series this week and they went head to head with Adidas’s Adipure 11Pro which was released last month. Both of these brands are like Ronaldo vs Messi but for considerably long time now. So today we take a look at head to head comparison of Tiempo Legend vs Adipure boots which were released round about at the same time.

Tiempo Legend 5 vs adiPURE 11Pro 2014 Comparisons:

This has been a massive week where two of the biggest sports manufacturers released their updated versions of current gen boot series.

Visualy judging Tiemp Legend V is much better looking boot with quite a modern look while we have Adidas which went with old school design. Although Adipure is much more comfortable and is used by many high profile players. But in terms of design Tiemp Legend takes the lead here.

Weight Wise
When we talk about weight, Tiempo Legend 5 and Adipure 11pro are pretty much the same. There is only 15g different as Tiemp legend weighs at 245g while Adupure 11pro makes it to 260g.

Nike used the new Hypershield technology in their Tiempo 5 boot and thats a creative touch if you ask me. But both boots used the soft leather tech to make the boots upper portion the only different being 11pro has the Taurus leather while Nike Tiempo 5 use the kangaroo leather.

When it Comes to all important sole of the boots, Nike has more of a comfortable feel to their boot with with flexible sole which help absorb the pressure while 11pro use the short stud technique which provide more comfort and help increase the flow of pressure.


Nike Tiempo V used the classic comfort boot design with moden features while Adipure went with the traditional approach with old school design but provide comfort and control. so which boot you think is better ?

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