Nike Tiempo 1994 Sneakers Released Price

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, December 12th, 2013 | 0

NIKE TIEMPO '94 SNEAKER released today

Today nike released their much awaited Nike Tiempo Legend V boot and with that they also honour their very first boot which was designed back in 1994 by releasing Tiempo 94 sneakers in different designs. Here are some of the official pictures released on These certainly are worth looking at.

Nike Tiempo 1994 Sneakers & Tiempo Legeng 5

following are the pictures of newly released Nike Tiempo Legeng 5 boot as well as 1994 inspired sneakers.

The new design comes in 94′ inspired boot, the colourway is same with balck/white and we have this nice finish on the upper of the shoe. There is this orange colour application which can be seen on the side of the sole while the tounge of the boot is removable but if you keep it you will have a big nike swoosh to show for.

The new sneaker is designed for everday use, it comes with a leather material upper which will protect the shoes in wet conditions and you can wear it for different purpose with jeans etc. pretty nice stuff according to me.

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