Adidas Copa Mundial Boots 2014 new colourways release dates

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Copa Mundial was first released back in 1979 and since than it kept its traditional design of white and black but now adidas announced that the new boots coming in 5 different colours and here are the leaked images from those boot colourways.

Release Date: September 2013-2014

Adidas White Mundial Boots Released:
Adidas has released their iconic design of Copa Mundia in White/black colourway which will be available in september/October 2013 this year.

Adidas Copa Mundial white/black 2013
Release Date: May/June 2014

While Adidas prmised 5 new colourways in copa mundia edition of boots which are supposed to released towards the start of FIFA world Cup 2014.

The new colourwars comes with

  1. Adidas Copa Mundial Dark Blue/White
  2. Adidas Copa Mundial Orange/black
  3. Adidas Copa Mundial Pink/White
  4. Adidas Copa Mundial Blue/white
  5. Adidas Copa Mundial Green/Black

World Cup is less than a year ago and one of the most iconic football boot design the Copa Mundial edition from Adidas will make an entrance into the world football with 5 new colourways which will be released starting from January 2014. These shoes will be seen in World Cup games on many Adidas endorsed athletes and here are the new 5 colourways which just made this adidas classic design more colourfull.

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