Adidas Adizero 3 F50 Shoes 2013 Prices Infrared Red/Black

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Adidas the german sports good manufacturer have released two new colours in their successfull Adizero series which comes in to contrary colours in Infrared and Black colours. You can either have Infrared/Black combination or the opposite black/infrared. Those are pretty cool soccer cleats and in the past Adidas released a few colourways in this series and we all know that Lionel Messi is the one who endorses these shoes, and Adidas Adizero is also available in Messi exclusive style (see the pictures below).

Adidas also revealed that they will be introducing 99gram Adizero shoes, which are next generation and will be availabe in the market in 2015 and we have discussed the technology to be used and the released and promotional pictures are also available Here.

Adidas Adizero III F50 Infrared/Black
The infrared/black combinations comes with a very striking red colour which covers most of the upper portion of the boot, while black colours is at the backside and the sole of the boot are black with red studs in them. there is three trade mark Adidas lines in white colour while the laces of the boots are matching red with the upper portion. take a look at some of the pictures from Adidas Adizero III Shoes.

Adidas Adizero III Black/Infrared 2013:
This combinations is the with same colours but just the other way around, here the main base colour is black while infrared colour is at the back heel side where is written f50, while the studs are also red and the three Adidas stripes are whiter.

Adidas Adizreo Messi exclusive:
Back in February 2013 Adidas revealed the new Adidas Adizero III shoes which are messi exclusive, and it comes with red and white colours. Messi can be seen wearting these shoes in La Liga matches.

Adidas adizero messi red boots prices

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