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Formula 1 has become the highest level of car racing, it has the money, the most technically advanced cars and the drivers are some of the best car racing gems from all around the world, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari made formula 1 more recognizable and in the recent years they rules have been changed to give all the teams and drivers equal chance of winning and that has certainly got Formula 1 more fans around the globle.

There are around 20 races in the F1 season every year, starting with Australian Grand prix which has become the hall mark of the season. There are some more important and famous race circuits around the world which attracts motor racing enthusiasts, and it is a big challenge to get yours hands on the tickets for the Formula 1 race and if you are planning to visit so race you got to start planning several months in advance.

Here is the most comprehensive guide about how to buy tickets for the Formula 1 Online and in person, we have categories the F1 tickets race wise so click on the race or circuit you would like to buy tickets for and you will have all the information about it.

How to Purchase Your Tickets for Formula 1 Race

Formula 1 day passes

1. Pick the days you wish to attend.

F1 tickets can bought as the whole F1 weekend package which includes Practice sessions, Qualification round and the final race, this type of tickets is expensive but you also have an option to buy tickets only for one session it can be the practice session, qualifying round or just the race.

2. Choose a seating area.

Seating areas in every race are designed according to the circuit itself, Most of the seating areas have the large TV screens showing live action of the Formula 1 race so that you won’t miss the action.

Grandstand Seat Tickets. Grandstand passes are one of the best options and areas to enjoy a day out in Formula 1 race week, usualy if you buy a Grandstand ticket you will get Practice session entry free.

Formula 1 Paddock Club Tickets and Passes
Almost all the F1 circuits have the Paddock Club, and tickets for this seating area at the most expensive and they are located on top of the F1 team pit garages and you can look down at the pits from the balcony during the races and enjoy the whole race experience from over the top view and of course F1 official will get you a small tour of the pits if you get lucky.

Where to but F1 Tickets:
You can buy tickets at official formula 1 site, or the respective authorities of the race circuit you plan to visit, it can get tricky because of the information can be in different languages depending upon where the race is so you can to plan early and final here are the list of races Formula 1 has to offer you can click on any race to find out more about how to buy tickets for a specific race.

1. Check out the Formula 1 calendar and Race schedule:
Get up to dated with the Formula 1 season calender, with the race dates, times and since Formula 1 race weekend is divided into three days of action starting with Friday Practice session, Saturday Qualifying rounds and the Sunday big race the tickets are also designed so that you can visit the day which is more convenient to you [ Formula 1 Race Schedule and Dates ]

2. What race to pick, learn the track and typical weather:
If you have already decided to buy tickets for a certain race than its all good, but if you are looking to choose a race which is best suited for you check out the official calender and dates and the country the race is in, and it is also important to see the typical weather.

3. Travel Documentation and expectations
You should know that buying a ticket for a formula 1 race is one thing and getting the Visa to that county is another, so check out the visa and travel details before booking a ticket for race and been in touch with the local rules of the country for example no alcohal in Muslim countries like Bahrain, Abu Dabhi etc


Formula One Schedule

# Date Race Tickets Venue/City/Country
Mar 24
Malaysia Grand Prix
Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
Apr 14
Chinese Grand Prix
Apr 21
Bahrain Grand Prix
May 12
Spanish Grand Prix
May 26
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