Which Pakistan Will Show Up Against Sri Lanka 2013 Series

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, December 9th, 2013 | 0

[ First of all apologies for my english, sometime my grammer and spellings dont make sense just like our batting order ]

Pakistan is by far the most in consistant team in world cricket, they result of the match depend alot on which pakistan side will show up. The team which has something to prove with their backs to the wall or with not-interested players ? They can beat no.1 test rank side, in that case England by 3-0 in test series or they can fight for their lifes against Zimbabwe. Quite recently they drew 2 test match series with South Africa by 1-1 and got beaten by the same team in ODI series but revenge they defeat in their own backyard.

So how can they be so consistantly “inconsistant” ?

For the most part its because of their very fragile batting lineup, chopping and changing all the time. Openers can not put a partnership together, middle order dont have that killer touch even with Misbah scoring in every single game, and lets just not talk about late order which in my view does not exist. Its Openers, couple of middle order batsman and a very long tail. With such poor batting lineup and more importantly poor performance series after series its hard to trust that they can even chase a total of 250, last time they did that was back in 2011.[ Watch Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Live Stream ]

Now most of the winning games came because of their world class bowling performances, that has always been the case with pakistan even in Wasim, Waqar, Inzemam and Saeed Anwar era. I remember back in late 90’s when I always wanted Pakistan to bat first and a score beyond anything 230 was easily defendable by Pakistan. Now Pakistan dont have any big name bowler apart from Saeed Ajmal but still they have that killer instinct where its hard to score against them. Last time pakistan bowling was really put to sword was in World Cup 2011 when Ross Taylor got going.

So if batsman can showup in some games combined with usual great bowling they can beat anyone, like they showed in south africa. But if batting dont click, bowling can not win you games against good sides or even against Zimbabwe/bangladesh. So the secret behind the consistantly inconsistancy is their absolute average batting which can chase for the life of it.

Any Remedies/Solutions ?

Pakistan tried so many young batsman over the last couple of years. But apart from Umar Akmal none of them can be classified as world class. Since Younis Khan and Muhammad Yousif retired they did not get any world class player. Even Umar Akmal with all the talent he has, is kind of a headless chicken. The most bizzare thing in the context is the fact that Pakistan media and fans want Afridi to shine at 7th/8th number. Thats not going to happen anymore. He is old and his one inning against South Africa where he slogged and slogged and could not connect is the proof of his batting twilight. But he is a wonderfull bowler who will always get you the wickets when you really need them. So what is the solution than ?

Well trying new players is one thing, but getting sorted what you already have is another. Muhammad Hafeez can not bat as an opener, so he should be a number 4th/5th, Misbah Ul Haq should be 3rd, Ahmad Shehzad has shown some potential but get this modeling bug out of him, so he is one opener. Nasir Jamsheed can’t move his feet when he is playing so get him out and let him play some domestic cricket. Umar Amin has some nice shots in him why not try him as an opener but most importantly fix his fear (i dont know why but i think he is a scared kid) So this is my batting lineup.

  1. Umar Amin
  2. Ahmad Shehzad
  3. Misbah ul Haq
  4. Umar akmal
  5. Shoaib Maqsood (liked what i saw about him, technique is poor but has a big heart)
  6. Muhammad Hafeez
  7. Shahid Afridi

So there you have it 5 specialist batsman, 1 half batsman in Hafeez and “Afridi”. after them we can have 4 bowlers and get ready for the T20 World Cup 2014. Its a team which can easily win the event if match winners like Akmal, Shehzad, Afridi and Hafeez has some sort of form under their belts.

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