Top 10 Test Individual Runs Scorer in an innings

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Brian Lara

  1. BC Lara

Country: West Indies

Innings: 400* runs vs. England

Venue: St John’s at 10th April 2004

In the International Test cricket history, BC Lara is the only player who can scored 400 runs in a innings individually. At 2004 vs. England this West Indies no. 3 played at brilliant 400 knock by 582 balls and hatted 43 fours and 4 fours. This 44 fours is the 3rd most in an innings so far as well. In his test career played 131 matches and 232 innings and have 11953 runs’. In his career have 34 centuries as well.

  1. ML Hayden

Country: Australia

Innings: 380 runs vs. Zimbabwe

Venue: Perth, at 9 October 2003

After 9 years of Lara’s 375 runs record, Australian opener Hayden brooked the record vs. Zimbabwe with his 380 runs innings. His innings was 375 runs and played 437 balls. Hits 38 fours and 11 sixes. In his career Hayden have 30 hundreds and 8625 runs with an average of 50.73.

  1. BC Lara

Country: West Indies

Innings: 375 runs vs. England

Venue: St John’s, at 16th April1994

By this innings B Lara had broken G Sobers 365 runs record approx.35 years. Before 2004 it was the best individual test innings is the test history. Hayden was broken the record at 2003 vs. Zimbabwe. For this innings Lara was played 538 balls and hit 45 fours, have no sixes.

  1. DPMD Jayawardene

Country: Sri Lanka

Innings: 374 runs vs. South Africa

Venue: Colombo (SSC), at 27th July 2006

In the way to build up record 624 runs partnership at test with Kumar Sangakara, Jayawardene was played 374 runs innings, which is the 4th highest innings in test cricket. This innings comes vs. South Africa and he had to play 572 runs. Of his 752 minutes innings have 43 fours and 1 six.

  1. GS Sobers

Country: West Indies

Innings: 365* runs vs. Pakistan

Venue: Kingston at 26th February 1958

This was the highest individual test innings more than 35 years. Before B Lara broken his record at 1994.Sobers was played this innings vs. Pakistan and he was hit 38 fours. In his career Sobers have 26 hundred and 8032 runs with 57.78 averages on 93 test matches. Also have 263 test wickets as well.

  1. L Hutton

Country: England

Innings: 364 runs vs. Australia

Venue: The Oval at 20 August 1938.

More than 20 years of Sobers’ 364 runs, Hutton’s 364 was the world record and brings the most runs in an innings in his time.Hutton had make his innings with 847 runs and 35 fours.

  1. ST Jayasuriya

Country: Sri Lanka

Innings: 340 runs vs. India

Venue: Colombo (RPS) at 2nd August 1997.

The Sri Lankan legend opener Jayasuriya is the 7th on the list and his 340 runs innings come over with Indai. Jayasuriya was played 578 balls for his innings and arranged the innings with 36 fours and 2 sixes.

  1. Hanif Mohammad

Country: Pakistan

Innings: 337 runs vs. West Indies

Venue: Bridgetown at 17th Jan 1958.

This is the longest test innings by time. And in the way to play the innings he was scored 24 fours and without sixes. The innings was against West Indies at 1958. This is the most runs innings for Pakistan so far.

  1. WR Hammond

Country: England

Innings: 336* runs vs. New Zealand

Venue: Auckland at 31st March 1933.

One of the greatest inning in the test cricket and the highest individual runs in his time was comes vs. New Zealand. For his 336 runs he had to play 318 minutes and this is the quickest triple hundred by time in the test cricket history so far.

  1. DG Bradman

Country: Australia

Innings: 334 runs vs. England

Venue: Leeds, England at 11th July 1930

The greatest player in all-time cracker Sir Don Bradman was played the 2nd triple hundred in the history of cricket at 1930 after A Sandham. This is the 10th highest individual highest runs in an innings of test. And the highest innings in his time. Also the quickest tripped hundred on his time and the second quickest of all time.

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