Sri Lankan cricketers will be expelled if not fit

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 | 0

The matter is now official. Fit. Otherwise, it will be expelled from the national team. Sri Lankan cricketers found the ultimatum at the end of the Lasith Malinga debate.

Officially the Sri Lanka team has been warned. It has been said that in the next three months the national team will have to get full fitness. Otherwise, the punishment of the firing will come down. The ultimatum has given by the Sri Lankan Government to the players when they found most of the cricketers are unfit and the ultimatum given to the team during the selection of team at home series against Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s one-day series starts at home on Friday. But their country’s sports minister Daisyri Jayasekera is very annoyed. Because, fitness of the players. Jayasekera told AFP news agency, “Nobody is fit in terms of fitness. But I made a little exception. The exception is that the players who are not fully fit have also been included in the team.
A selection panel independent of the national team chooses the players. But before the country is represented, the team has to get the final approval of the sports minister. Jayasekera said that none of the 13 cricketers selected could complete the fitness standards. He said this condition is due to various injuries.

Earlier, Sri Lanka were dropped from the Champions Trophy group Jayasekera said due to lack of fitness, this condition is due to the team. They do not like fielding. Catch out regularly. All are fitness issues. Fast bowler Lasith Malinga smiled Jayasekera as a monkey.  He said that the minister did not know anything about cricket, because he was shocked. After the investigation, Malinga has been given a 6-month suspension ban.
But what about the condition of the players? Jayasakara reports that cricket body fat is generally acceptable up to 16 percent. But for most Sri Lankan players, it is up to 26 percent now. He warned everyone that the player’s body fat will not be kept in the national team for the past 16 percent.

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