Sri Lanka Women’s Cricket Team Forced to Have Sex to Remain in Squad: Reports

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 | 0
(photo: dna)

(photo: dna)


According to latest reports that have gone viral all over the internet, the Sri Lankan women’s cricket team were compelled to get involved in sexual intercourse with the officials to cement their place in the squad. Baffling, isn’t it?

After rumors went rife last year claiming that the female cricketers from Sri Lanka are forced to have sex to remain in the side, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board called for an investigation, which eventually revealed that the speculations were factual and that there’s sexual harassment involved in the team.

“The committee report found evidence of sexual harassment by members of the Sri Lanka cricket women’s management team against several members of the Sri Lanka cricket women’s team,” the Sports Ministry was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Consequently, the sports minister has been notified about the concern, and will act upon based on the evidence.

“The (sports) minister intends to take disciplinary actions against those members where evidence has been found,” the statement added further.





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