Otago faced defeat against Auckland

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In the 12th match of the ongoing season of Super Smash, Otago Volts defeated Canterbury Kings but just in 14th match Otago faced defeat against Auckland.

Otago faced defeat against Auckland

13th season of Burger King Super Smash is going on which started in 13th December, 2017. The tournament format is round robin and knockout where total six participants have taken part. Otago is one of the top and old contender in Super Smash competition. But in the season of Super Smash, their performance is not so good. It was their fifth match in the tournament and among them they just managed one victory. They lost three times and one match finished with no result. On the other hand, Auckland Aces is the most successful team in the competition which franchise team played final total seven times and won four times highest so far. So, no doubt they are one of the top contender in the season.

The 14th match of the tournament between Otago and Auckland was taken place in 28th December, 2017 and Molyneux Park, Alexandra was the hist arena of the game. Earlier the match, Otago won the toss and as wise team, they taken the bat first. In their innings, Otago scored 147 runs by losing seven wickets in 20 overs. Hamish Rutherford scored highest 51 runs for Otago. In return, came to chase Auckland reached the destination score in 17.5 overs. They lost just three wickets to get the score. Craig Cachopa remained not out with his 52 runs innings.

Captain Nicol and Rutherford started the innings for Otago as like before but in the day Nicol did not play well but scored only seven runs. Rutherford scored 51 runs highest and his nearest scorer was Hicks who scored 22 runs. Just five players of the team did able to score two figure runs where rest three are Boorder, Wagner and Duffy. Lister took highest three wickets for Auckland team.

Now, came to chase the score, Auckland started their innings with Horne and Solia. In two runs Horne was gone. So, Otago hoped to win the match but rest players of Auckland did their job properly where rest four of them scored double figure runs. Solia scored 34 runs, Chapman scored 20 runs, skipper Cachopa scored 52 runs and O’Donnell scored 38 runs for the team. So, at the end they reached the target by losing three wickets. Otago skipper used total six bowlers to make breakthrough but no one could did that. Three bowlers took one wicket each for Otago.

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