O’Keefe took six wickets: India all out for 105 runs

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 | 0

Finally an unbelieveable matter has happened that team India got packet by scoring just 105 runs in their first innings against Australia at Pune Stadium. This was almost impossible to believe that Virat Kohli who is the most dangerous batsman in the current cricket world nowadays was out with duck. After 104 innings, Indian skipper tested the duck. Since the beginning, he was getting stronger day by day and after getting the captaincy, he used to get more dangerous in every match. But, in front of Aussie speed monster Starc, he could not stand but faced only two balls so far.

Basically, team India were being trapped by their own way. Because, they made a spin suitable crease and through this they used just spinners to take Aussie wickets since the beginning of the first day. Their top two spinner Ashwin and Jadeja took total five wickets there. And so learned from them, team Australia also used their top spinners O’Keefe and Lyon where O’Keefe took highest six wickets and destroyed the lineup of India. Though, Aussie speedster Starc and Hazlewood took the first two wickets and Virat was also out by Starc.

Earlier today, Australia started to bat with their last wicket when Starc and Hazlewood were on the crease. But unfortunately they did not complete the first over but Ashwin stroke in 5 balls and Starc finished his innings with 61 runs so far. So, gave them 260 runs target in the first innings, India came to bat but also lost their first wicket in 26 runs. After Hazlewood, Starc stroke to India batting and then Pujara was out. However, after finishing the 1st and 2nd spell, in 3rd spell O’Keefe started to show his charismatic bowling and took six wickets in 4.1 overs and in the meantime, he just gave five runs. Basically, O’Keefe alone destroyed the whole Indian batting all of a sudden. So, they getting all out by scoring just 105 runs and now, they are still behind of 155 runs than Australia in the first innings. Now, team Australia would come to bat for the second innings and will try to make a huge runs. Now, the match has come to a challenging moment. As well.

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