Mohammad Ashraful & BPL T20 Match Fixing Issue

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, October 31st, 2015 | 0

Mohammad Ashraful was once an iconic player of Bangladesh. Known as a batting prodigy, he was the youngest player in history to make a 100 in international cricket. In many occasions, he led his team to victory. He was also one of the top players but he lacked in continuous performance. That is the reason, his spot in the team became unsure but he still was the same old player who was the icon of many young players and his ability was unmatched.

Mohammad Ashraful

However, in the 2nd installment of BPL, there was a report of Match Fixing and he became the prime suspect. ICC’s Anti-Corruption & Security Unit found quite strong evidence against him and things got sour. He later cleared that he was guilty and he asked for forgiveness if that is even possible. After all you cant trust someone who has the potential to sell out his country. However, that statement didn’t help him. BCB banned him from playing for 8 years. After watching him and the demand of Bangladesh population the ban was reduced to 5 years and 2 years of Pardonable Ban. He can play international matches from 13th August 2016 and not a day before. He will not be participating on BPL – 3 either.

There is no doubt with his capability as a batsman and it’s also true that he has done a lot for his country. He was the beginning which turned Bangladesh into a powerful team today. But is he needed anymore?

I would say, YES. He is still needed for his country. There are still only few players that can match him with raw capability and he might more refined than ever before.
the there is still the question that can the people of Bangladesh trust him playing for their country?

This is a tough question and the answer will vary. Some will be against it and some will oppose that. But I think, everyone should be given a chance for redemption. Let him prove himself for his country and people. We still haven’t seen what this little man can do. We hope he has gotten a bright future in front of him.

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