Laxmipathy Balaji comments on MS Dhoni’s future; compares him to Roger Federer, Tiger Woods

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Friday, April 17th, 2020 | 0
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Chennai Super Kings bowling coach, Laxmipathy Balaji, believes MS Dhoni is not done just yet.

Dhoni’s decision to go on a sabbatical following the 2019 World Cup more or less convinced fans his international journey was all but done. Consequently, all eyes were on the Indian Premier League, where Dhoni was supposed to make his comeback, only for the tournament to be suspended indefinitely following the outbreak of deadly coronavirus outbreak.   

Speaking to Times of India, Balaji said: “We shouldn’t be talking about Dhoni’s six-month break. It is no big deal. If you see Tiger Woods or Roger Federer, they miss major tournaments and then come back. The break doesn’t mean that they go off the boil. The skill level doesn’t change. It is the same with Dhoni.”

Although Balaji didn’t shy away from the fact that Dhoni, now 38, isn’t perhaps as good a batsman as he was back in his heydays, he stressed the mental aspect has only bettered with time, something he spotted during the pre-tournament camp.

“When it comes to proven performers, you need not think about their skill level. He might not be the same as he was when he was 25 or 26, but he is much better-equipped with the mental side of the game. From what I saw during the CSK training, it never looked like Dhoni was away from the game for any length of time. He didn’t look rusty even on the first day of training. That is his greatness,” he said.

Balaji was further asked if he feels Dhoni could still make it to India’s squad for the T20 World Cup, which is scheduled to be held later this year in Australia.

“It is entirely up to selectors but if you ask me, I would always go with MS for any big tournament. Beyond his finishing skills, there are a lot of things he brings to the table. It is about having multiple inputs in a team game.”

Over to Dhoni! 

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