Triumph Scrambler EFI (Ton-Up Garage) New Features

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 | 0

Triumph Scrambler EFI Bike

An off road offering, a bike  famous for its classic 60’s design Triumph Scrambler EFI has been modfied and presented with more power and a few desgin tweak. Lets take a look at what this monster of a bike has to offer. Ton-Up Garage who has this knack of picking up already great bikes nad midfying them to an extent where they take a the lever of performence a notch ahead and a few design tweaks.

Ton-Up Garage modifired the Triumph Scrambler FEI (AKA Amazonia) for a off road enthusiast. The company made bike comes in already great shape and it was a massive challenge for Top-Up Garage to come up with the somthing special, so the idea was to make it usefull for day to day ride on normal roads and make it great for your off road experience. So here are the few improvements they made or modified.

Custom Triumph Schamler EFI:

  1. Improved air elimination kit
  2. 2013 Zard Short model exhaust.
  3. Shortened rear mudguard
  4. Front mudguard was slightly lifte
  5. Chopped up grill to fit the headlight
  6. Black wheels with off-road tires

There are a few other small tweeks in design like small indicators and the bike is painted dark green to fit the nick name Amazonia, while there is this old jerrican which is placed at the left side of the bike, overall this is a beauty and riders who know a thing or two about a thing a two about riding will tell you this is just a pure beauty, I dont know what it likes to drive off road bike, if you do let us know your experiences and what you think of this bike.

Price: $12,490
Available at: (

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