Ferrari 458 Hennessey HPE700 Twin Turbo Custom Upgrade

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 | 0

Custom made Hennessey_HPE700_Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 2014

Today we bring you the custom made edition of Ferrari 458, special edition Hennessey HPE700 Twin Turbo, if you own one Ferrari 458 consider an upgrade to upto 170 horse power. What makes this upgrade special is the new custom-made carbon-fiber covers, are two immensely power full turbo chargers with low-inertia, ball-bearing chargers which will make your ferrari fly, well not literally.

Here are some of the new features of Ferrari 458.

  1. Can cloak a Horsepower of 738 with torque 532 (5600 rpm)
  2. Enhanced performence with (0-60 mph) in just 2.8 sec
  3. Twin Ball Bearing Turbochargers
  4. Fuel System upgrade

There are many more small upgrades both in engine area and the outlook of the car and new comapny upgrade sells at around $59,995 with installation charges and if you bought the Ferrari 458 which costs around $293,000 you must be able to afford thus upgrade from a big name company and it wont leave you disapointed. Take a look at this custom made monster of a Ferrari.

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