Marcos Maidana in talks for Floyd Mayweather Jr trilogy after exhibition comeback

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2020 | 0
Marcos Maidana feels robbed after loss to Floyd Mayweather | Sport ...

Former Argentine professional boxing star, Marcos Maidana, is all set to make a comeback.

The 36-year-old, who has been retired since six years, was scheduled to fight 47-year-old countryman Jorge Acero Cali, a former heavyweight kick-boxer, in an April 18 exhibition. 

However, the fight has been postponed until further notice following the outbreak of coronavirus.

It should come as a blessing in disguise for Maidana though as he will get more time to work on his body.

Maidana, who fought at 147 pounds in his heydays, beefed up to almost 200 pounds as a result of inactivity. But if his latest Instagram post is anything to go by, he is well on his way to going back to his old weight class. 

In a video posted to his 229K followers, a trimmed-down Maidana can be seen working out on his punching speed.

So, is a trilogy fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr on the line? Well, tittle-tattles refuse to disagree. 

It all started after Mayweather Promotions took to Twitter to take a swipe at Maidana, writing: “They thought they could crack the MayVinci code.”

The tweet referred to Mayweather’s two wins over Maidana back in 2014, the first of which, many fans believed, was won by the latter. 

No wonder, Maidana’s team hit back, calling out for a third fight to be held early next year.

“The boxing world knows who won. Yes to @FloydMayweather. He had some doubt, El Chino Maidana is available for February and March 2021,” they wrote.

Who you got for the battle of legends? 

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