Deontay Wilder responds to Tyson Fury’s ‘masturbation’ claim ahead of rematch

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Friday, January 17th, 2020 | 0
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Deontay Wilder has laughed off Tyson Fury’s trash-talks ahead of their rematch, scheduled to be held at MGM Grand on February 22.

Fury, in a recently interview, claimed he’s masturbating seven times a day to keep himself pumped up. He also maintained he would not just inflict first defeat to Wilder, but would also knock him out in two ruonds.

“I’m masturbating seven times a day to keep my testosterone pumping. Pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it up! Dontcha know! I gotta to keep active and the testosterone flowing for the fight. Don’t want the levels to go down,” the self-styled Gypsy King had said.

Wilder, however, remain unfazed. “I mean, enjoy yourself,” Wilder said to TMZ Sports. “Just use the proper lotion!

“Whatever he says is for entertainment or whatever… He wanna jack off? Enjoy himself! Just use the proper lotion. I mean some like thick lotion.”

As for the second-round stoppage, Wilder had a counter-claim to offer: he will call a time on his career if that happens.

“I already have six years left in the sport, but if he gets me out in the second round? Knock me out? I’m done, bro. I’m done. Period.”

The first fight between the duo, which took place in December 2018, ended in a split draw. For the uninitiated, Fury largely dominated that fight but Wilder scored two knockdowns to ensure he retained his WBC heavyweight belt.

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