Deontay Wilder is eliminating ‘snakes’ ahead of Tyson Fury trilogy

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 | 0
Deontay Wilder officially triggers Tyson Fury rematch with ...

Deontay Wilder wants to have everything right before his trilogy fight with Tyson Fury.

The American ‘Bronze Bomber’, who was handed his first ever professional defeat by Fury in December, spoke of eliminating all the ‘snakes’ from his entourage as he seeks to regain his WBC belt when the duo potentially square off yet again later this year. 

“I’m getting rid of all the snakes in the grass. This time has allowed me to dig in the weeds and see what was going on,” Wilder told The PBC Podcast.

“You can have a lot of great people around you but you can’t control the jealousy of people. You think people are happy with you but everyone wants what you have but they don’t want to sacrifice as much as you. People are envious of the things they can’t have and I had to weed out and change certain things.”

Wilder, who had scored two knockdowns to secure a draw in the first fight, revealed he’s also adding new people to his team, two of which have already been finalized. 

“We’ve had a lot of people reach out but you have to be careful because some people just want publicity,” he said.

“Boxing is very crooked, it’s a dirty business and you’ve got to be careful, it’s a corrupt sport as well. Boxing is a business like no other, you’ve got to be able to trust people and that’s the hard part. 

“I am looking to bring someone in, we don’t have it down yet but I’ve got two people I’m bringing in. One of them always comes to camp on some basis anyway and we’ve got a great team that will be formed when everything gets back to normal.”

For those unaware, Wilder was so furious at his trainer Mark Breland for throwing in the towel in the seventh round of his second fight against Fury that he spoke of firing him. 

Soon thereafter, though, Wilder backtracked on his words, saying Breland is still a part of their setup. 

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