Brazil vs Germany Preview Lineups Predictions (WC 2014)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, July 5th, 2014 | 48

The first Semifinal will be played between Brazil and Germany on 08th July 2014 after both teams came through their quarter final ties in normal play. The semifinal is scheduled to be played at Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte and the game will kickoff at 17:00 Local – 22:00 Europe Time.

Brazil world cup 2014 live stream highlightsGermany live stream 2014 world cup

Brazil defeated Colombia in the 2nd quarter final of the world cup to reach semifinal where they will play Germans who qualified for their 4th successive semifinal. Last time these two teams played each other was in 2002 world cup final where Brazil won the game by 2-0. Historically Brazil has the upper hand when it comes to competitive games and it will be interesting to see how the teams lineup for the big semifinal. Brazil vs Germany Streaming

Brazil Logo 2014 World CupBrazil Team News:

Neymar Jr is almost certain to miss the game against Germany after getting injured during Colombia game when he was struck by a colombian player in the back and according to early reports he broke a bone in his back which will take time to heal which means most probably he will be out of the world cup but most certainly from the Germany game. Thiago Silva is also suspended for this game and now Scolari has massive selection headache. We will update the teams news as we get closer to the match.

German World Cup 2014 LogoGermany Team News:

Germany scrapped through a 1-0 win over France in the quarter finals and they also went out with any major injury or suspension to key players. Joachim LOEW made a few changes in the starting lineup as he started with Lahm at the right back while Mertasacker was benched with Boeteng and Hummels playing in the central defensive roles. He is likely to keep the same lineup against Brazil as well.

Possible Starting Lineups of Brazil-Germany:

Neymar and Thiago Silva will miss the German Semifinal which means Dante playing alongside David Luiz in central defensive roles. While Maicon should keep his place at the right after decent showing against Colombia and might see Scolari going with Hulk as forward replacing Fred who has been poor throughout the competition.

Match Predictions:

Germans did not created many chances against France and probably did not play the better football against France but they were excellent in possession and found a way to win a game even without playing the best football, well that’s what usually Germans do in world cups. Fourth straight world cup semifinal and one would think this is the time when we can expect germany to choke. But this Brazilian side has alot of heart but no brain, they way they defended their 2-0 lead against Colombia its hard to imagine they have a chance against Germany.

How Brazil reached this far is beyond me, starting from the Croatian game they have been lucky. Chile outplayed them for the most part of round of 16 clash and two set piece goals against Colombia got them a semifinal berth. Now they will be missing Thiago Silva and Neymar, two of their best played so far in the world cup which makes me think Germans will be very confident of getting a win against Brazil and reach another World Cup final. I am going with a 2-1 victory for Germany in this one.

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  • Sir Bobby

    Its germanys world cup..they would not only take revenge for 2002 and kahns tears…but also for 2006 when they were supposed to win at home and how cruelly italians snatched away victory in last mins of extra time..history does repeat itself

    • Raj

      The problem with german team is they always not performing well under pressure n semi-final and final games . otherwise they are playing dam good !

  • Heidi

    I have never seen an article with so many spelling mistakes, quite unprofessional. Let someone read over your stuff next time,before it goes life…

    • Booty

      You mean live, right?

    • Raj

      First check yours might !!!

    • GG

      life? or live …

  • Jaspinder Singh Cheema

    germany is best

    • Danie

      Brazil is the best soccer team in the world.Brazil will win Germany

      • daniesgay

        Hahahaha “best soccer team in the world” dream on

        • Anon

          If 5 world cup titles doesn’t mean anything, then you’re delusional.

        • james dean

          Yes, they are..otherwise why play in world cup?

      • Lordkorner

        What you mean is Brazil will beat Germany….but they won’t.

        • james dean

          Just watch the game please…

  • Ganesh Yadav

    Cant wait to see Germany lose

    • Lordkorner

      I feel the same way about the Brazilian bruisers…

    • mina

      How nice of you. cant wait to see brazil lose ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Adam Snow

    Germans are my favorite team, and i enjoy the way they play…totally fun. Heidi you are a hater please be nice… dot dot dot. who is allerigic to g.ermans win please don’t watch the up coming match. Go Germany Go

  • Nicky

    Bbbbbbuuuuuuuuuu find a soccer team from you own contry to cheer for

  • samantha h

    bodoh kimak kau ganesh laki sial!! keling bodoh

  • eskiimo_joe

    brazil are going to use the element of surprise of not having a goalkeeper to trick germany

  • Adammm

    damn.. please double check your spelling errors and punctuation xD apart from that, i agree with your predictions! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Raj

    Germany till now playing good but see the last game looks completely ordinary ( they scored goal thats luck by chance , you never see that type of goal generally france played really well in that game ) Brazil dam good but if they win next game 100 % they r gona win this world cup no doubt !

    • Nashat Mahmood

      I believe you don’t follow German football that much … they are the masters of header at any given situation …



  • Ahmed


    • Ahmed Nisar haq

      Inshallah bro Inshallah

  • Waqas Khan

    of course Brazil will win

  • Ishaque

    But as matter of fact, due to Neymar and Thiago silva’s absence in the team they can be pressurized but They do their best to fulfill the dream of Neymar. and obviously they will play as better as they can do. The Brazilian team is full of stars and they don’t leave pitch without victory as history proved it, so my prediction goes to Brazil 1 Germany 0. !!!!

  • Rawad Yehia

    Dream on Germans ur football style nd tech are boring nd dull I almost fell asleep during the France game

    • Lordkorner

      the style of football that Germany play (possession football) requires real skill and at this level can only be achieved by true masters of the game.

  • Fyre

    If I were Scolari, I will not use a striker and use 3 Chelsea attacking midfielders in the lineup. Then they might have a chance.

  • paulo mwabusila

    German have the edge over brazil considering the poor lineup selection of scolari ithink he aims at sinking brazil why should you play hulk or fred who dont benefit the team in any way.It is rediculous absolutely.

  • ุนุฑุจ ู‚ูŠุฑู„ุฒ


  • Venkatesh

    It’s for sure a brazil win. You guys predicted Brazil vs chile and winner Chile but they lose. Then, again you supported colombia but they lose too. So, i want you guys to support germany and they lose toooo intresting huh? So go guys germany time yeah and tell them to go to hell and fuck themself…

  • Raifinho

    Possible Starting Lineups are false. How do you get the idea that Bernard , Hernanes and Durm will play? Do they pay you for this? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • tonny

    brazil is the best team in this world cup

  • GG

    I go for Germany!

  • hasan

    Brazil has won 12 of their 21 previous meetings against Germany (12 wins, 5 draws, 4 losses), including their only World Cup meeting at the 2002 final.

  • andrew t d ushie

    I can wait to see brazil lose to germany

  • Naeem Shah

    its really big match can’t w8 for #brazil win

  • bryannn

    brazil will win

  • Uzair Ahmed


  • MN

    Hey Sameer, will there be live streaming for the semis and final?

  • The Selecao

    remember last world cup dude…don’t talk 2 much…shame on ur team…lost by 4:0 & u r telling brazil dat they will lose by 7:0..ur arg till 1986 from maradona time this is their 1st tym they reach semi-final…fuck u & ur guessing

  • The Selecao

    Ger..the team who have the record 2 reach semi-final most & lose it..hahahaha
    though brazil don’t hav neymar & silva..still they r as strong as before..just let see
    & u Mr.Sameer Arshad be4 saying dis just see again those match again…& luck always be with brave & courage people who works hard & this tym it is with Brazil

  • The Selecao

    after when Ger losing 2n8..u’ll just again say dat bra has luck..yes it has luck..becoz they r brave & works hard

  • Goldy Aroma

    FT Draw—Extra Time Draw — Brazil to the Final —-Prediction 4-2 on Penalty Kick

  • Klose

    Haha, bye bye BraZil

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