Tottenham vs Jamaica Bahamas Friendly Match 23 May 2013

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Tottenham Highlights 2013/2014 season

International Club Friendly Match:
Tottenham vs Jamaican Nations Team
Date: 23 May 2013 – Time: Thursday, 8:00pm EDT (-04:00)
Venue: Bahamas

Spurs have finished their Premier League season with a heart break as they finished 5th onthe EPL table and now will be playing Europa League once against next season, although they can put the dispointment of the last day of the Premier League season behind them as they are already going to Bahamas for the exhibition match against the Jamaican national on 23 May 2013 and you can tune in here to watch the live action of the match as well as the full match highlights which will be available after the match is over.

Both teams accepted the invitation from the Government of The Bahama for a friendly outing for the celebrations of Bahamas’ 40th anniversary of independence and this match will be played in the new stadium which has the capacity of 15,000. This is just a friendly match to help promte Bahamas as the tourist destination and spurs are already jetting off for the trip, on the other hand Manchester City vs Chelsea is another friendly match on the same day and this is the final game of the season for Spurs who will take a break for the next season and in July start their Pre season friendlies.

Tottenham vs Jamaica Bahamas Friendly Match Live Updates
Spurs friendly match against Jamaica is not available anywhere on Live TV channels so we have to provide live updates and tweets

‏@SpursOfficial tweeted:
unfortunately, match is not televised. But we will be live tweeting!


61′61. SPURS SUB: Bale is on, replacing Dembele.


Final Results: Both teams had a few chances with spurs getting closer on couple of occasions, and scored a goal as well which was chalked offside. Draw is a fair results in all fairness.

Tottenham Hotsports Starting Lineup:
Friedel; Walker; Dawson; Caulker; Naughton; Livermore; Dembele; Holtby; Sigurdsson; Defoe; Mason

Jamaica Starting Lineup:
McCallum; Gordon; Powell; Woodbine; Virgo; Taylor; Williams; Daley; Hue; Mattocks; Lynch.

1st Friendly Match: Tottenham vs Jamaica Live & Highlights
Date: 23 May 2013 – KickOff Time: (KO 1:00AM UK, 8:00 PM EDT))
Venue: Bahamas

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  • andrew

    I really hope so. I really wanna see this game

  • Admin

    It will be streamed live @andrew. just come back here 10 minutes before the kickoff

    • Paul Reid

      whats the hyper ink then?

  • Cameron

    Can you assure me 100% it will be streamed here, because i need to watch this game and this site seems the only place to do it from

  • graham

    is the link on this page ?

  • kemhron

    do u promise i be able to watch it here live

  • Admin

    I can promise if the match is on any big channel i can stream it here no issue, if not available on any channel than i can not

  • kemhron

    i really hope to get this link because i want to see what Jamaica working with

  • kemhron

    so you not sure if it gonna be on any big channels

  • kemhron

    my question is ,will it be any channel so you can stream it here

  • Admin

    Yeah i am looking into some big sports streaming site and so far no info about the match, probably no one is streaming since match is not televised.. but i will keep looking

  • graham

    its not on any !!!

  • Admin

    @ Graham yeah i have checked with some streaming sites and i can not confirm the stream but things can change and i might have it. if not you can always find match highlights… but Chelsea vs Man City is confirmed

  • CHRIS77

    I am counting on this site to be able to stream this match live because i want to support my team 100%…………………#REGGAE BOYZ ALL D WAY MAN!!!

  • Teecha (@FadaCluz)

    I hope not to be disappointed mate. Really wanna see what the Reagge Boyz are up to…cuz two crucial WCQ are around the corner.

  • Admin

    @ Teecha @ Chris77 i can not find this match on any available channel to me, so if i can not find cant stream it and i am looking into some other streaming sites none of the sites have any info.. things are not looking guys 🙁 but will keep looking

  • Dude

    It will be shown on Spurs TV (subscription only). Don’t know if people can provide a stream from there…

  • kemhron

    guess we wont be able to watch the match between Jamaica and Tottenham

  • Ben boor

    What time kick off in the uk

  • Admin

    I can not find the stream anywhere, its on spurs tv someboday said so i am looking for someone who has subscription. let me see but it does not look good.

  • kemhron

    i dont see it on spurs tv ,give me the link to spurs tv so i see

  • Ben boodle

    Wait till 10 mins till kick of then do it

  • Admin

    This is not even on SpursTV. Busted 🙁 cant do and probably wont be able to stream. but Chelsea vs Man City stream is up if you are interested

  • kemhron

    oh man ,are u serious ,so i wont be able to watch the game

  • Admin

    yes, i can safely say that it is not being televised anywhere. I thought i will get it somewhere on tele or streaming sites but none or showing.

  • kemhron

    that sucks ,why is it not televised ,is it not televised not even ion the bahamas

  • kemhron

    so are you still trying to see if it will be televised

  • Admin

    No man, i have checked all my resourses but cant find it. I really would like to find some stream but not available at all. I have two streams for Cheslea city game but none for spurs

  • podolsky

    Tottenham Hotspur ‏@SpursOfficial
    A lot of you are asking if the game will be broadcast on TV in the UK – unfortunately, the answer is no. But we will be live tweeting!

  • kemhron

    how do u tweet ,am not familiar about this tweeting thing ,lol

  • johns

    Just been told it is being shown on comcast fox sport net channel 407

    • johns

      I have U-Verse so no can see!

  • kemhron

    whats the link on fox sports net

  • chris77

    Its such a shame that such a spectacle wont be aired i am devastated to say the least,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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