Top 35 Stunning Athletes 2014 Winter Olympics

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, February 3rd, 2014 | 16

Julia Mancuso sexiest winter olympics girlSuper Bowl is over and now we move to Sochi where 2014 Winter Olympics are going to be held and this is one event where we preview the hottest women lining up in the different categories of sport. So we have a sexiest list of 20 hottest female Athletes in Winter Olympics. We have researched and collected around 20 hottest female athletes and all of them have at lease two pictures on this page.

The list is pretty safe from nudity but still you can consider it “NSFW” stuff you might need lotion and tissues though.


#1. Anna Sidorova – Russia

(Curling ) She is the captain of Russian Curling team in Winter Olympics, she has been the best Russia athlete in the previous olympics and no doubt will play a big role again in these games.

#2. Julia Mancuso – USA

(Alpine Skiing) Julia won two golds back in 2010 Vancouver olympics and she will be up there again, fortunately she also do modeling and winter olympics won’t be the last time we see her.

#3. Tina Maze – Slovenia

(Alpine Skiing) Slovenian beauty who will be competing for Slovenia in the Alpine Skiing category. She is a beauty no doubt.

#4. Therese Johaug – Norway

(Cross-County Skiathlon) Well she is a later entrant into the list, been watching olympics on tele and trust me Jouaug is someone who comes along and lift you heart.

#5. Kiira Korpi – Finland

(Figure Skating) This finish blonde beauty is combination class and skill, I will definitely be rooting for her in figure skating events.

#5. Hannah Teter – USA

(Snowboarder) American beauty Hannah Teter has been there done that all before in 2006 and 2010 olympics with gold and silver respectively. She will definitely be one to watch out for in Olympics.

#6. Lolo Jones – USA

She announced a year ago that she is a virgin, Lolo Jones certainly knowns how to attract attention on and off the tracks. She will be part of US Squad in winter olympics 2014.

#7. Anna Fenninger – Austria

(Alpine Skiing) This austrian beauty will be competing in Alpine Skiing and she is a very fiery looking young women and I definitely like her.

#8. Chemmy Alcott – UK

(Alpine Skiing) I though all british girls are ugly, but boy i was wrong until I saw Chemmy Alcott. I would certainly do chemmy in her alcott.

#9. Silje Norendal – Norway

(Snowboarding) This Norway girl just won gold in X games and she will be hoping to repeat the same come Winter Olympics time. She has to be one of the finest athlete in Olympics.

#10. Tina Weirather – Lichtenstein

(Alpine Skiing) Lichtenstein is a small country i have never heart of, but if the beauty there is anywhere near Tina Weirather I am getting on the plan.

#11. Clair Bidez – USA

(Snowboarding) Now this is a cool looking girl, she had to endure a heart-break in 2010 missing out on Olympics but this time she made it and also made it to out list of sexiest women of winter olympics.

#12. Lindsey Vonn – USA

(Alpine Skiing) Beauty and tiger woods come to mind when you talk about Lindsey Vonn. Unfortunately she is not part of US Olympics squad as she has been injured recently.

#13. Jamie Anderson – USA

(Snowboarding) Another american another beauty. Jamie won multiple x games gold medals and we can expect big things from this 23 year sexy snowboarder.

#14. Sarah Hendrickson – USA

(Ski Jumping) Another Gold medal hopeful and she also won the Gold in World Championship of Ski Jumping and we are going to see a lot of Sarah Hendrickson

#15. Alissa Czisny – USA

(Figure Skating) Another american in the list, Alissa is making here Olympics debut in Figure skating and she is one of the hottest girls in American Sochi games roster.

#16. Allison Baver – USA

(Speed Skating) Allison Baver is just turned 33 and she is american vatern, won medal in 2010 olympics. They say she has the best asses in the sport world.

#17. Lara Gut (Switzerland)


#18. Kaetlyn Osmond (Canada)


#18. Ina Meschik (Austria)


#19. Sara Hurtado (Spain)


#20. Elena Ilinykh ( Russia)


#21. Carmen Schaefer (Switzerland)


#22. Alexandra Saitova ( Russia)


#24. Torah Bright (Australia)


#23. Julia Dujmovits (Austria)


#25. Angelina Goncharenko (Russia)


#26. Anna Prugova (Russia, Ice Hockey)


#27. Ekaterina Stolyarova (Russia – Freestyle Skiing)


#28. Maria Komissarova ( Russia – Skiing)


#29. Arianne Jones ( Canada – Luge)


#30. Keri Herman (USA, Freestyle Skiing)


#31. Janine Flock (Austria, Skeleton)


#32. Rosalind Groenewoud (Canada, Freestyle Skiing)


#33. Alexandra Jekova (Bulgaria, Snowboarding)


#34. Ekaterina Galkina (Russia, Curling)


#35. Christina Bertrup (Sweden, Curling)


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  • jarze

    Your “rooting” for Kiira Korpi won’t do any good. She’s been injured since last season and ain’t going to be in Sochi.

    • Admin

      ah too bad. thought she will be worth watching 🙂

  • Lancelot1723

    Your #30 isn’t Luge … it’s curling.

    • Admin

      corrected, cheers

  • Smiley

    Where are all the men, is this a Russian site???

    • Glornt

      Why would you expect men? Read the URL (sexiest-women-athletes-2014-winter-olympics).

  • jib-jiba

    i love all of them but am a perv for the figure skaters they all have great asses

  • Anti-racism

    Racist and disgusting, Only white athletes are sexy? What’s your rationale? This article should be taken down immediately.

    • Admin


      what about #6. Lolo Jones, she is one of the hottest and she is not white ?

    • Glornt

      When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

  • frank

    I don’t understand why athletes should be sexy or beautiful, why people don’t just talk about their talents in sport, what a superficial world

    • Admin

      @ Frank

      exactly. That is what i always fight with my wife as well. She always judge people on their looks or personal life, why not just admire what they are good at and leave them alone.

  • Steven

    your second picture of Lara Gut (in the bikini) isn’t her, Its an Australian model Lara Bingle

  • PeopleAreInDenial


    I have to agree. It’s extreme cognitive dissonance. I saw a few Asian athletes who were beautiful (I’m not Asian either) and damn sure more attractive than 1/3 of the women on this list. LoLo Jones is the token and she’s biracial (half White). I’m from NYC and you see many models of color complain they dont get work at these bigtime fashion shows, because designers have the same mindset as the admin. Most of these women are beautiful (some are a little rough in the face without makeup and Photoshop), but the admin swimming in suspected White Supremacy waters with this one.

    I actually said to myself, because I know how the game works, I guarantee 90% of the women are White. I actually lowballed the list, lol. A 1/2 of White women (Lolo) is some victory I’m diversity. Since, Obama got elected, people said “fuck it”, being P.C is over now. we’re taking back to the good ole days, Sadly, 3/4 of Whites can visit this page and won’t see or notice anything wrong with this picture, because it represent normalcy to them and everything else is exotic (not normal).

  • Marko Polo


    The rest are dogs

  • Oscar

    bad list !!

    Kim Yuna ??? number 1 hot hot hot

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