7 Most Shocking Biting Incidents in Sports

by Rauf Arsehad | Posted on Sunday, July 6th, 2014 | 4

The phrase “sports create harmony among the players” quite often dont live up to its meaning with certain incident taking place during the high profile games causing controversy. World Cup 2014 saw one of these incident from a serial troublemaker Luis Suarez when he intentionaly bit Italy’s player. Today we take a look at some of the infamous biting incident which took place in different sports.

#1. Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield Biting Incident:

Mike Tyson is probably one of the most renouned heavyweight boxer in the world but he was involved in countless scandals in the ring and off it as well. Back in 1995 when he took on Holyfield frustrated by how the fight was going he unleased a monster from within and chopped off half of Holyfield ear.

#2. Luis Suarez-Chiellini Biting Incident in World Cup 2014

He has already done it twice before in the club football but when he is going to bite someone in the biggest sporting competition in the world it surely wont go down that well. Suarez bite Chiellini’s shoulder and left his teeth marks all over the poor guys shoulder.

#3. Luis Suarez Bite Branislav Ivanovic In Premier League :

towards the end of 2012-13 premier league season Luis Suarez was charged and suspended for 10 games in the following seasons for biting Ivanovic arm in the league game at Stamford Bridge.

#4. Jermain Defoe-Javier Mascherano Biting Incident in Premier League

Suarez is not the only Premier League player who bites, Jermain Defoe also tried to put his teeth in West Ham Macherano several years ago.

#5. Marc Savard-Dan Carcillo Bite Incident in ICE Hockey :

Marc Savard bite Dan Carcillo in the Ice Hockey match several years ago.

#6 :Alex Burrows Bite Finger off Patrice Bergeron : Ice Hockey:

Alex Burrows the 33 year old who bites the finger of his opponent Patrice Bergeron ina a Canadian Ice hockey league match. Atlhough this incident did not get much of a hype as this kind of thing is pretty commom in Ice Hockey..

#7. Luis Suarez Bites Otman Bakkal In Dutch League:

Yeah thats right Suarez has already done it before he joined Liverpool. In a league game between Ajax and Faynoord Luis Suarez biting habit came to limelight for the first time. He was later suspended for 8 matches when found guilty. Check out the other 15 Suarez Scandals

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