F1 2013 New Features + Ideas Wishlist

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 | 9

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Codemasters will be releasing another installment in their quite successfull Formula 1 game series in 2013 which is a called “F1 2013” which will be releasing somewhere in September 2013 tail end of the Formula 1 season race calender. Last year Codemasters made some interesting changes in the 2012 edition but it was more a less same like F1 2011 but this time around they are putting alot of money and effort in making one great Formula Sim, and they dont have any competitors so F1 fans will buy it for sure.

On this page we will be discussing the game in detail going into this release date, so being a Formula 1 fan and game lover i will be posting some wishlists which i would like to see in the next game so lets start with it.

Formula 1 2013 Game Wishlists:

  • 1. Better driving physics (option between arcade and simulation physics)
  • 2. Real Damage Physics (hitting a wall should almost tear the car)
  • 3. Real official TV style Presentations
  • 4. Option to stop in a pit manauly
  • 5. Editing Ooptions ( Helmet and F1 Car )
  • 6. Options to Practice online
  • 7. Warming up lap
  • 8. Podium celebration
  • 9. Replay Sharing options
  • 10. Some hot girls on starting grid
  • 11. Dedicated servers (Online Stuff) << Very Important >>
  • 12. Real time Artificial Anteligence (Fernando Alonso should drive like Alonso )
  • 13. Customisable players look Face features, hair and body etc
  • 14. Trophy room would be good
  • 15. AI Faults more
  • 16. 2 player split-screen mode

There are plenty more i can go about but the most important one is that they should introduce one more difficulty level between Legend and Professional, when i start the season with Force India in professional mode and my target is to finish in somewhere in midfield I end up winning, but in Legend mode AI cars are way to fast and its harder, so maybe something in between these two difficulties will be great. I am counting on you for more suggestions and ideas which you would like to see in the next formula 1 game, lets discuss in the comment box

F1 2013 Classic Mode – Historic Scenarios:
There is a big possibility that this time around we will get this classic mode where drivers will be able to challenge themselves in the different eras of Formula 1. Ross Gowing the games designer at Codemasters said in a interview that they might be including historic mode kind of thing in one of their upcoming games, since no racing game apart from F1 2013 is coming from codemasters we take it that he meant it for F1 Game. But what era F1 will have that is somthing to talk about.

In the past there have been great rivalries in the F1 racing from 1976 James Hunt vs Niki Lauda to Michael Schumacer glory days, but this is one mode which can creat some serious demand for the game in the first few months.

F1 Games 2013 Consoles:

  • PC
  • XBOX 360
  • PLAYSTATIONS 4 – Possibility
  • XBOX ONE – Possibility

Formula 1 2013 Gameplay Videos and Latest News

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  • Jake

    full support of logitech driving force gt, 900 degrees steering, paddock like in f1 2011, create a driver, all practice sessions

  • Scott grey

    The main thing I a
    Would like to see introduced into the 2013 F1 game is commentary from David croft nd Martin brindle or David coultard FIFA has had this for years so why isn’t it on the F1 game when u do the career championship commentating on everything going on in the race throughout the season this should Defoe be a feature on 2013 F1 game

  • Rob

    Something they could bring back from earlier titles is launch control for the start of the race. Also driving behind the safety car would be more realistic.

  • dimitri

    Podium viering+volklied

    • Stan Verboeket

      Podium celebration+national anthem

  • steve

    Commentay a must must have

  • Harry

    Always thought a manager mode would be fun. Running a team and not driving would interesting

    • Bjarne

      good point, instead of doing an side-game like Classic Edition, they should make a Manager game!

  • Bjarne

    a few Things for me would be:

    1: custom your own player (like in Fifa)
    2: better replay view (like Gran Turismo 5)
    3: custom helmet (or just cooler looking..they look like MC helmets)
    4: team sponsor on helmet, it’s not like i’m paying for my own seat 😀
    5: better Schedule over the season and past seasons (so you can see where you finised the race last year or two years ago)
    6: 8-10 seasons in carreer (in 5 Carreers season, you’ll never be able to beat M. Schumachers record!!!! )

    i know i’m a bit late on this one, since the game is released in 3 days BUT… maybe for next year )

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