Spanish League Schedule 2014-15

La Liga fixtures 2013-2014

LA LIGA 2014-2015 START DATE: 23th August 2014

With 2013-2014 season came to an end and Atletico Madrid became the Spanish League champions now  will move to World cup and pre season where La Liga teams will be playing friendly matches around the world and next season start date has been set to 23th August 2014 with Final fixtures list for the la Liga coming out somewhere in 2nd week of July. we will be placing the full list of Spanish schedule 2014-2015 here on the day it is announced the whole 38 weeks match dates and schedule will be available here.

When the Spanish League 2014-15 Season Starts ?
It has been reported that La Liga 2014-2015 season will begin on 23th August 2014 with Spanish Super cup game to be played a week before that. The 23th August 2014 date is confired.

When the Spanish La Liga fixture list is announced:
The dates for the fixtures release varies from year to year, Real Madrid and FC Barclona have kind of monoply when it comes to La Liga schedule so the fixture list wont be out until both the big clubs have their say in the schedule and they find they try to get a perfect schedule for themselves. Last year fixtuers were announced around mid july and we can expect the same this year maybe in the first week of July

Spanish La Liga Fixtues 2014-2015:
Once the La Liga fixtures has been confirmed and announced we will change the formate of this page into the “fixture template” which will contain full La Liga schedule. So you can bookmark this page and visit back once the fixtures are announced.

La Liga Fixtures 2014-15 – Not Announced Yet
Fixtures Announcement Date 2nd Week of July 2014
La Liga 2014-15 Start Date 23 August 2014
La Liga 2014-15 End Date 23 May 2015
Spanis Super Cup 2014-15 16 August 2014
Copa Del Rey Final Date 19 or 26 April 2015


  • Caroline Harrington

    are barcelona playing at home the weekend of the 25th of october 2013

  • Joe Smartass

    Yes they are Caroline. Theyve been assigned all home matches this year. Tickets are available on their website already

  • Jayesh

    How do we get tickets for this match

  • Rob Smartass

    By calling the football gods and praying to Neymar.

    Or, by waiting till the fixtures are announced and trying to google your question again.

  • Mireille

    i cannot find barcelona’s home matches on their website yet, could you please provide the link?
    However would there be any game in camp nou between 22 and 28 september 2013?

    • Admin

      Hmm Spanish league fixture are not out yet, but looking at Champions League group stage schedule we can safely say that there wont by any Barca match in the week you mentioned. If you can make it 1 week earlier, Barcelona will be playing 2 matches, 1 in the league and 2nd champions league group stage on 17/18 september. whether one of them will be a home game or both or none. we dont know yet.

      • Mireille

        i hope they will have liga games within that week.
        They usually do even in between champions league games………..however i can only hope so !
        We are going to be there for our honeymoon and it ‘s all already booked the only thing missing still is the barca game

  • luke

    I’d be suprised if barca even knew where they were playing and when at the moment its up to the league to inform everyone at the same time to make it fair

  • Allan Christiansen

    When will The 2013/14 fixture be announced???

  • alf

    the season has just been cancelled due to giant ants eating all the soccer balls in Spain. Sound cracy if you ask me.

  • Emre

    21-24 February 2014 FC Barcelona is going to play at home or away… Please inform..

  • la liga

    When will The 2013/14 fixture be announced???


    hahaha waad waalateen kow dheh meesha isaga yaaca cayaal maqaar cad

  • Frans Westerink

    They still dont know yet?

  • Frans Westerink

    They still dont know yet?

    • Sameer

      24th july possible.

  • Sameer

    Hi Sameer, may i know when exactly will the results be out?

    Also, did you make a mistake?

    “It has been reported that La Liga 2014-2015 season will begin on 26th August 2014 with Spanish Super cup game to be played a week before that. The 23th August 2014 date is confired.”

    did you mean to say the 26th date is confirmed instead of the 23th day is confirmed?

    Another question i have is, for the first game on 26thAugust, will Barcelona be playing at home?

    • Sameer

      Hi the confirmed start date is 23 August 2014. While the fixture list will be out in a weeks time for sure.

    • john

      How would he know that if the fixtures aren’t announced yet

  • brymo

    why is it that the spanish football association are too lousy to publish their league fixtures,others countries have done theirs like england for exampe

  • john

    Please post 2014-2015 la liga fixtures

  • Alan Hirdle

    Nice site mate, do you get to many spanish games?

  • David

    it looks very bad for the Spanish football association when 2 clubs can dictate the fixtures,thats the Spanish for you,they all think they are francos.

    • fxdvm

      Okay, wait, what?

  • Steve

    I saw on another site someone mention that they won’t be released until the 24th July

  • Mu’men

    when does the 1st game of copa del ray start for big teams

  • T.G

    why the big delay they taking the p..s surley they cant be daft that they need months to work out fixtures. even outer mongola have there’s out.

    • raging bull

      well said T G totaly mad how can they be so far behind other countries embarrsing big time.

  • Pantsville

    It’s pants

  • meszcz

    Siema lajw

  • djf1967

    3 of us who live in England would like to see Real play at the Bernabeu
    in September. Has anyone got any advice about how we would do this ? I
    believe that as non-members we cannot apply for tickets more than 2
    weeks before the fixture and I don’t know how long it would take to get
    confirmation. My plan was to examine the fixture list when it comes out,
    try to find the home game in September that is least likely to be
    packed and take it from there – trusting to be able to get flights and
    hotel with a week or so to spare. Has anyone got a better plan ?

    • Royser

      buy tickets online on the Real Madrid website a week or two before the game. They rarely sell out and you will have no issues. Print them off before you leave like you would a boarding pass for a flight. I travel over all the time from London. I’m targetting my next game in Oct and have found BA flights for £107 return. You will no issues getting tickets for any game unless you want to go to the Clasico or the Madrid derby. Tickets are a nightmare for that fixture.

  • Andy

    Anyone fancies Spanish trip do athleticoMadrid on Saturday and getafe on the Sunday. Did it last season and got tickets on the gate. There sat am and back Sunday night. Public transport easy