Steven Gerrard Net Worth Salary 2014, House, Cars Collection

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Steven Gerrard SalarySteven Gerrard Net Worth: $45 million 

2012-13 Earnings: $17.2 M (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses $12.7 M
Endorsements Earning: $4.5 M
Mahor Brands:  Jaguar, Adidas
Sport: Football/Soccer
: 33 Years
Forbes Richlist:
#93 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

One of the brightest english midfielders to have grace the game in the last decade, Steven Gerrard is a liverpool man through and through, He has been on top of his game since the early 2000’s and still going strong as a leader of Liverpool and liverpool are rewarding him as their highest paid player with the weekly salary of $160,000 A week wages, his 2012-13 season earnings were around $17 Million of which 12 Million came as salary and 4.5 million came as endorsement deals with company’s such as Jaguar and Adidas. Lets take a look at how he is earning and where do he spends.


Steven Gerrard Salary and Endorsement Deals Money:

  • Gerrard 2013-2015 Salary – £125,000-a-week

Gerrard is the captain of liverpool and he is their highest paid player, and his current contract runs till the end of the next season. While in total he makes around $12.7 Million through his professional contract with Liverpool.

  • Gerrard Endorsements – $4.5 A year

While Gerrard is not one of those flamboyent players, he is kind of media shy but still he has couple of big endorsement deals with companies like Jaguar (the car company) and Adidas.

1. Adidas Sponsorship:
Steven Gerrard has a £1 million a year deal with Adidas, who also have many other big name players in their ranks.

2. Jaguar Sponsorship:
Another big endorsement is Steven Gerrard’s endorsement contract with car company Jaguar where he reportedly made amore than £1 million a year.

3. Lucozade Sponsorship:
Gerrard also have another sponsorship with soft drink company Lucozade.

4. A Book Deal
Another deal which racked a few millions for Gerrard is his contract with a book company to publish his autobiography.

5. Steven Gerrard Promotions:
Worth: £3.9m

Steven Gerrard Houses and Properties

1. A Mansion in Freshfield
Worth: £3.9m

Gerrard has a massive mansion in the outskirts of Liverpool city, and in one of the tv programmes he gave a tour of his house and his kids. here are some pictures of his house.

Steven Gerrard Mansion

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