Serena Williams Net Worth In 2014

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Sarena Williams Career EarningsSerena Williams – $45 million 

2012-13 Earnings: $20 M (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses – $8.5 M
Endorsements Earning: $12 M
Mahor Brands:  Nike, Nike, Wilson, Gatorade, OPI. CitRix
Sport: Tennis
: 31
Forbes Richlist:
#68 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Sarena Williams is the younger sister of Venus Williams, and Sarena has won the highest prize money in women tennis history and she became the oldest tennis player to hold the #1 ATP Ranking this year and it was 6th time in here career she achieved the top spot. She is a house hold name in USA and her earnings from Endorsements are more than here career prize money and lets take a look at how she earned her Net Worth of $90 over the years.


Serena Willimas Career Earnings:

Year Money
2003 $12 Million
2004 $10 Million
2005 $12.7 Million
2006 $10 Million
2007 $14 Million
2008 $14 Million
2009  $17 Million
2010  $20 Million
2011  $12 Million
2012 $13 Million
12-2013 $20 Million


Serena Williams Endorsement Deals

Year Money
NIKE Mission Athletecare
Wilson Sheets energy strips
Gatorade Home Shopping Network
OPI Mobli (A mobile App)


Serena Williams Properties:

#1. West Palm Beach Home
Worth: $2 million
Location: Ballen Isles

Sarena Williams bought a massive mansion in West Palm, Ballen Isles for around $2 Millions back in 2009, this property is huge and comes in around 1 acre land and the building has 4 massive bedrooms 5 luxury bathrooms a swimming pool


Serena Williams Cars Collection:

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