Samuel Eto’o Net Worth – 2014 Salary – Cars Collection

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Samuel Eto'o SalarySamuel Eto’o Net Worth – $55 million 

2012-13 Earnings: $$16.4 M (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses – $13.4 M
Endorsements Earning$3 M
Mahor Brands: Puma, Ford
Sport: Footballer
: 32

Samuel Eto is one of the highest paid footballers in the World with Annual Salary of around $13 Million while that is topped with $3 million in endorsement deals from Ford and Puma making him the highest paid africa footballer in the world. He moved from Inter Milan to Anzhi A russian league club and the move was motivated by the big salary he was expeted to get, sacrificing top flight European football. Lets take a look at how and where his money comes from.

Samuel Eto’s Salary History:

2012-2013 Anzhi Club Salary$13.4 Million A Year
Inter Milan Salary$10 Million A Year

[ Samuel Eto Moved from Barcelona to Inter Milan, while winning Champions League with Inter in 2010 he moved to Anzhi who reportedly made him one of the highest paid football players around ]

Endorsement Deals Money:$3 Million

Samuel Eto’o has couple of lucarative Endorsement deals with Ford (the car makers) and Puma (sports good manufacturer) and he is making around $3 Million from Endorsement deals.

Samuel Eto’o Cars Collection
Lets take a look at where do Samuel Eto Spend his earnings, Well I did a quick research about Samuel Eto’o houses and Cars and it seems he is quite fond of fast sports cars. Here is he list of his expensive cars he has or had in some point of his career.

#1. Hummer H2
Price: $90,000

#2. Bugatti-Veyron

#3. Bentley GT63

#4. Audi R8
Price: Free

#5. Ford GT
Price: $195,000

#7. Ferrari 599 Fiarano
Price: $400,000

#6. Lambhorghini Murcielago
Price: $390,000

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