Neymar Cars Collection, Yacht and Helicopter

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With so much fame in so early age so far he is taking it pretty and even his time in Brazilian league he was one of the highest payed players in the world making around $10 Millions a year but he has been spending with that rate also, he has bought so many expensive properties in Brazil and the details will be posted on some other article about Neymar houses. Here we will be discussing his spendings on cars so far and what model of cars he owns. so here is the look at his epensive cars and transportation stuff, its pretty epic for a player that young, wonder what he will be doing if he is a success in Europe.

1. VOLVO XC 60 – $75000
Neymar’s first car purchase was of VOLVO XC60 which he bought when he was passing his driving license and according to him this is the best car for the learning driving, It cost him around $75,000, we say its a pretty expensive driving learing car Mr Neymar.

Neymars cars 2013

2. PORSCHE PANAMERA – $132,000
Neymar earned around $18 Million dollars in the last year and around $132,000 he spent on buying a very expensive car from Porsche and the model is Panamera.

3. AUDI R8 GT – $246,000
Another monster of a car which Neymar bouth at the start of this year is Audi R8 GT, the newest model of the brand which comes at a hafty price tag of a around $250K but thats nothing compared to what Neymar earns.

Neymar Audi R8

We dont know how much it cost for him ot buy this helicopter but it certainly wont be cheap, he is a star in Brazil and just like other super stars he dont like to be kept waiting so he bought himself another toy to move around.

5. YACHT – $8 million
Neymar recently spent huge sum of money to buy a 2nd hand yacht which cost him around $9M, and we also have to consider the amount of money needed to be spent for the maintenance which will be around $100. So far he has been spending huge sums on houses, cars, helicopters yachts and what not but we can only imagin what will he be doing if he is a success at Barcelona ?

Brazilian senstaion Neymar is part of the Brazil’s FIFA Confederations Cup and in couple of days they will be playing their first game of the event against Japan and Neymar who recently sealed his transfer to FC Barcelona will be the centre of attention with so much promise he has shown in young age its about time to deliver and this will be his first of many oppertunities to come his way to put his name in bright colours around the football world.

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