Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Women In The World 2014

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Richest Female sports athletes 2013

We have already put together list of Richest footballers, highest paid athletes now we will be taking a look at top 10 highest paid female athletes in the world, Women sports is also on the rise with many big competitions paying so much prize money as well as they famouse females get into modeling and marketing side of the business to expand their wealth and earning. Here is the list of top 10 Highest paid sportswomen in the world.

 Forbes List of Top 10 Highest Paid Women Athletes 2014

1 Maria Sharapova Networth 2013Maria Sharapova $29M $6M $23M
2 Sarena Williams Career EarningsSarena Williams $20.5M   $8.5M $12M
3 Li Na Networth 2013Li Na $18.2M $3.2M $15M
4 Victoria Azarenka career earningsVictoria Azarenka $15.7M $6.7M $9M
5 Danica Patrick total yearly earningsDanika Patrick $15M $6M $9M
6 Kim Yuna $14M
7 caroline wozniacki career prize money winningsCaroline Wozniacki $13.6M  $2.6M $11M
8 Agnieszka Radwanska $7.4M  $4.9M $2.5M
9 Ana Ivanovic networthAna Ivanovic $7M $1M $6M
10 paula creamer net worthPaula Creamer $5.5M $1M $4.5<



Following list the 2012 edition of Forbes magazin, there is not much of a chance in 2013 list and 2012. Just main difference is at no 10 where a new Golfer Paula Creamer made an entry in 2013 edition.

Sharapova Highest paid sportswomen 2013#1. Maria Sharapova
Earnings: $27M

One of the most famous tennis female players around the world, she started her career at a very young age but now she makes alot of money inside the court and outside of it, most of the earnings comes from Sponsorships and the modeling assignments she gets throughout the year for some of the biggest brands in the world.
#2. Li Na
Earnings: $18.4 million
Endorsements: Mercedes-Benz, Samsung Electronics

Another tennish players whos career was on a high back in 2011 and she made alot of money as she won the French Open title and she also signed couple of big endorsements deals with chinese companies and Samsung etc.
#3. Serena Williams
Earnings: $16.1 Millions
Endorsements: Nike

She is probably the richest female start on planet, she is 4th in the list of tennis start who won more prize money than anyone else inluding men, she also have a big paying Nike sponsorship deal to her name. Winnings French Open in 2013 will surely increase here chance of overtaking Sharapova.
#4. Caroline Wozniacki
Earnings: $13.7 million
Endorsements: Adidas, Yonex, Proactiv, Rolex and Sony Ericsson

Last couple of years have seen Wozniacki being the number 1 female players without winning a grand slam, she has many sponsorship deals with companies like Adidas Yones and she will also be releasing her own garments line of lingrie etc.
#5. Danica Patrick
Earnings: $13 million
Endorsements: Coke Zero and Sega

Well one of her kind, Danica Parick is a full time Nascar driver now on the circuit for 1 whole year and she is the most searched female athlete back in 2011.
#6. Victoria Azarenka
Earnings: $9.7 million
Endorsements: Nike

Belarus female tennis players Azarenka has been climbing the tennis charts in last year or so and made it to the french open semifinal in 2013 and her stock will surely increase over the next year or so as she has already signed endorsement deal with Nike.

#7. Kim Juna
Earnings: $9 million
#8. Ana Ivanovic
Earnings: $7.2 million
Endorsements: Adidas
#9. Agnieszka Radwanska
Earnings: $6.9 million
Endorsements: Lotto, Babolat and Lexus.
#10. Yani Tseng
Earnings: $6.1 million

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