Top 10 Highest Earning UFC Fighters 2014 (Biggest Purse in UFC)

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Today we bring you the list of TOp 10 highest paid UFC fighters for the year ending 2013, we will keep updating the list after the first quarter of 2014 which will show the salaries of UFC fighters salaries. The exact figure of salaries are unknown but we have some rough info which after doing research on fight purse, bonuses etc. So lets take a look at top 10 highest paid fighters in UFC.

 1 Rashad evans 2014 ufc earningsRashad Evans $1,036,000 ($1.03 M) $300,000
 2 Vitor Belfort net worth 2014Vitor Belfort $975,000 $250K to $375K
 3 Georges St-Pierre total earnings, yearly salary/winnings mmaGeorge St-Pierre $850,000 $400,000
 4 Jon Jones net worthJon Jones $850,000 $400,000
 5 Cain Velasquez net worthCain Velasquez $800,000 $400,000
 6 Dan Henderson net worthDan Henderson $750,000 $275,000
 7 Michael Bisping net worthMichael Bisping $700,000 $275,000
 8 Lyoto Machida 2014 salaryLyoto Machida $650,000 $200,000
 9 Anderson Silva 2014 net worth salaryAnderson Silva $600,000 $600,000
 10 Hector LombardHector Lombard $600,000


Pay Per View Sale Bonus

Above is the only winnings and win bonus for the fighters but when it comes to PPV bonus some of the biggest names in UFC can take home more than $2 to $3 Million from a fight night. Usualy the main event fighters get extra income from the PPV sales and how it works lets take a look.

PPV buys bonus structure

  • Fewer than 100,000: No bonus
  • 100,000 – 175,000: $1 per buy
  • 175,000 – 300,000: $1.5 per buy
  • 300,000 – 330,000: $2 per buy
  • Over 330,000: $3 per buy

So a fighter of the caliber George St-Pierre can take home millions in a fight night. His UFC 158 fighter earned him total of $3.2 Million in one night. How ? so he got $200,000 for just showing up, further $200,000 for winning the fight and because his event was purchased by 950,000 people he got aditional bonus of $2.8 Million.

  1. Rashad Evans is the highest paid fighter in UFC in the year 2013, he fought three times and with one lose and two wins he made it $300,000 in each of the fighters plus he also got bonues from UFC.
  2. Vitor Belfort has been on the rise in last couple of years and he had a massive 2013, he fight three times and twice he got a purse of $250,000 while he made $375,000 with his last fight of the year in november. He also got additional $50,000 knock out bonus.
  3. St George Pierre is one of the hottest properties in MMA at the moment and he fight twice in 2013 and both of the times his purse was $400,000 plus the fight night bonus of $50,000.
  4. Same like George Pierre, Jon Jones fought twice and made around in total $800,000 from two fights while also recieved a bonus of $50,000
  5. Cain Velasquez gets $400,000 purse each time he steps on the ring. Though he could not fight more than twice after his shoulder injury, making him unable to compete in the later part of 2013.
  6. Dan Henderson is a vateran in the ultimate fighting championship and he fought three times in 2013, taking him $275,000 each time he stepped on the ring.
  7. British UFC start lost his fight of the 2013 year when he lost against Vitor Belfort, but that did not stop him taking home $275,000 and got on to winning ways later in the year by beating Alan Belcher where he got a purse of $275,000 plus $100,000 to end the year on a high.
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