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Football is by far the most watched sport in the world they call it the beautifull game and some of the European leagues are mist watched around the world and that includes the UEFA Champions League as well, because it has as many matches as any league in the world. so lets take a look at facts and figures from the last season to rank the top 5 most watched League’s in the World.

#1. English Premier League:

TV Audiance: 4.7 Billion
Average Attendance: 34601
Total Attendance: 13148465

Premier League TV Channels live

Premier League is by far the most watched League in the world, and the figures are here to support the fact. In 2012-13 season Premier League was broadcasted by 80 different broadcasters in 212 territories around the world.

Total TV audience for Premier League games is reached 4.7 Billion last season, while the number of homes reached is 643 million, International Broadcasters with 24/7 programs related to Premier League, highlights programe and of course the live match day eaction througout the season.

Premier League broadcasting rights were sold for around 5 Billion which includes 1.5 Billion from International broadcasters and the rights are sold domesticaly first and than the international rights sale start with territory-by-territory and regional basis.


#2. Germany Bundesliga

Average Attendance: 45116
Total Attendance: 13805496

Bundesliga TV money distribution
English Premier League is the most watches league in the world, and in terms of stadium attendance Germans league is leads the pack with 45 thousand on average while Premier League comes 2nd close to German with 27 Thouasand on average attendance.

German sides Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich won the Champions League last season and that will surely give the league more exposure in the coming years. They have signed a few lucarative rights sales which will increase their international audians.


#3. Spanish La Liga:

Average Attendance: 28403
Total Attendance: 10793170

La Liga on TV in UK, USA, Canada, Australia

On terms of TV Audians Spanish la Liga is the 2nd most watched league in the world, but they suffer in average stadium attendance which is online around 28 thousand on average. Although SPanish FA is working on making the TV Rights money distribution among the la liga clubs on equal basis which will enhance the possibilities for the SPanish League.

Currently clubs sell their TV rights individualy which makes Real Madrid and Barcelona the highest earning clubs in Spain.

#4. Italian Serie A

Average Attendance: 21921
Total Attendance: 8330161

Serie A Fixtures 2014

Italian Serie A has kind of lost its charm and the super star players hub in the last few years, their average stadium attendance has gone down as well as the international exposure with German and French League’s growing in stature. Serie A at one time was 2nd most watched league in the world just behind English Premier League but that has long changed since fixing scandels in the league.


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