German Bundesliga TV Rights Money Breakdown 2013-2014

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Bundesliga TV money distribution

German Bundesliga has the domestic fan base but they struggle to attract fans from around the world and that goes to show in their TV rights deal both home and overseas as they are the worst in terms of generating money from TV rights in the top 5 league in Europe. Here we will take an indepth look at the recent couple of season TV deals and the new one which is in place starting from 2013 to 2016.

Bundesliga New TV Rights Deal – 2013-2016
Domestic: € 628 Million a Season
Overseas: € 70 Million a Season

What has happended in the last season is that Bayern Munich and Borussia Dormtund defeated Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively in the Champions League and played a all german final, it has attracted huge demand for Bundesliga tv rights across the globe and For the years 2013-2016, i.e starting next season, oversees TV-money rose from an average of mere € 20 M a season onto € 70 M a season which is a massive increase while the Domestic TV deal increased from € 385 M a season unto € 628 M a season almost doubled compared to last couple of season.

With the new deal in place Bundeliga has leap froged French Liga1 and Spanish La liga into the 3rd place in terms of TV money table of top 5 league in Europe.

Bundesliga TV Money breakdown


How TV money is distributed to clubs in Bundesliga
IN Germany is a little bit of different how the TV money is distributed among clubs, unlike Premier League where the money is divided equaly, In Germany we have the points system which works like this.

40% weight is given to the current or latest Bundesliga(2012-13) standings, 30% to year before(2011-12), 20% to league position 2 years before(2010-11) and 10% is to the one 3 years ago (2009-10), so Bayern finished first last season will award them 36 points, Dortmund’s 2nd will give them 35 while Leverkuson finished 3rd it will give them 32, while 2012-2013 season 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams will be awarded 72, 71, 68 and so to the latest three season standings.

So the team who will finish first by calculating points of last 3 seasons will recieve little more than € 0,76 Million more than the 2nd place, and third so on, while the last placed team will get half of what 1st place side will get.

So according to points Bayern Munich will get € 25,84 M, Dortmund € 25,07 and last placed Greuther Fürth will pocket € 12,92.


Position Club TV Money
 1 Bayern Munich € 25.84 m  
 2 Borussia Dortmund € 25.07 m  
 3  Bayer Leverkusen € 24.31 m  
Schalke 04 € 23.55 m  
5 SC Freiburg € 22.79 m  
6 Eintracht Frankfurt € 22.03 m  
7 Hamburger SV € 21.27 m  
8 Borussia Mönchengladbach € 20.51 m   
9 Hannover 96 € 19.75 m  
 10 1. FC Nuremberg € 18.99 m
 11 VfL Wolfsburg € 18.23 m
 12 VfB Stuttgart € 17.47 m  
 13 FSV Mainz 05 € 16.71 m  
 14 Werder Bremen € 15.95 m  
 15 FC Augsburg € 15.19 m  
 16 1899 Hoffenheim € 14.43 m  
 17 Fortuna Düsseldorf € 13.67 m  
 18 SpVgg Greuther Fürth € 12. 91m  



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