FIFA 14 vs PES 2014 Comparison – Which is Better Gameplay

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FIFA 14 vs Pes 2014 graphic comparisons

EA Sports have announced FIFA 14, which will be release at the end of September or start of October, while Konami has announced PES 2014 couple of months ago and they released some great information for the Pro Evolution Soccer fans which were disappointed with the last 2 versions of the game. Here we will be comparing both the games features and all the updates regarding both games which will be released approximately at the same month this year.

First thing first we will be reviewing new details which both company’s have announced about the both games, PES has promised a new engine called “Fox Engine” which was used for the Metal Gear Solid game and they promised to revamp the whole game play experience, While FIFA’s recent few version were better and they have also promised a few new tweaks in the game.

Pro Evolution Soccer vs FIFA 2014

Main differences in FIFA vs Pes 2014

PES 2014 New features:

  • New Fox Engine
  • Possiblity of giant killings in the game
  • revamped physics and controls designed to create intriguing struggles between slow, strong players
  • FullControl for improved control options over every pass, shot and first touch.
  • Slow dribbling
  • Kits separate from Players models
  • Weight shift and Ball control animation

Pes has struggled to move from PS2 to PS3, specially their online play, FIFA did move to new engine but PES were still using the PS2 engine with little tweaks and they fall way behind to FIFA in the race of best football game and PES creative producer Kei Masuda acknowledged that ” Our biggest struggles were with online play. As we moved to PS3, EA changed its engine, but ours was based on the PS2 game. We only brushed up on animation and some of the AI features

FIFA 14 New Features:


  • Pure Shot: More control on the ball when shooting, players can actually feel the wight of the ball when they shoot.
  • Real Ball Physics:
  • Protect The Ball: More control over shielding the ball, 360 turns and body balance animation will be resigned
  • Teammate Intelligence: AI controlled players reacting intelligently in the build up to attack, and when defending.
  • Sprint Dribble Turns:
  • Variable Dribble Touches: Possibility of more touches on the ball when dribbling, and it that to variable depending upon the ability of the player
  • 2nd Chance Tackles:
  • Curling Lofted Through Balls: New through ball design, Players like Xavi, Pirlo and scholes can pull out curling through balls and passes

PES 2014 vs FIFA 14 Graphic Comparisons

Pro Evolution soccer 2014 have a new engine this year, called Fox Engine and Konami announced that the graphics of 2014 version will be greatly enhanced with this new engine as well as the over all gameplay. Here is the comparison with FIFA 14 gamplay screenshot.

PES vs FIFA Graphics 2014

EA Sports FIFA 14 Expectations this year
FIFA in the last couple years has been the best sports selling game, and that due to the fact that EA managed the transition from PS2 to PS3 effectively, they put together a new game engine, graphics were improved but most importantly first time they leaped forward than PES in terms of gameplay, ball and players physics. FIFA 14 is most probably be the same FIFA 13 with some new tweaks, a little bit better graphics, but if they can work on online connectivity issues they can again rock this year.

Konami PES 2014 Expectations this year
Konami’s PES on the other hand, was leaps and bound ahead in terms of game play than fifa before 2009, but after that they just could not take the series to next level and lost the battle, but with the promised to bring the new Fox engine in the game die hard PES fan will be dlighted that they can actualy expect great things from PES, and this is Konami’s last chance to get on lever terms before consoles move to next generations.

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