Spanish La Liga Players Salaries 2014 (Wage Bill of Each Club)

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Spanish La Liga Player Salaries 2014Two of the most richest football clubs in the world are Real Madrid and Barcelona who dominate spanish primera division year and year out. They have some of the best players playing for them with the likes of Ronaldo, Bale, Messi and Neymar on the wages list no wonder they are also have the most expensive squads however same can not be said for all 20 liga teams.

Clubs like Almeria, Rayo, Valladolid, Levante, Elche and Celta Vigo can only afford a mere €11 to 14 million a year in salary budget while Atletico Madrid have been growing as a club and won the La Liga this season and reached Champions League final. Lets take a look at wage budget of all clubs in La Liga.
All Spanish La Liga Clubs Wage Bill 2012-13 and 2013-14 Season

La Liga Teams Wage Budget
NO# TEAM 2012-13 2013-14
1 Real Madrid €190M €220M
2 Barcelona  €180M €195M
3 Atletico Madrid  €66M €72M
4 Valencia  €50M 45M
5 Sevilla  €45M €41M
6 Malaga  €50M €35M
7 Villarreal  €35M €36M
8 Real Sociedad €40M €35M
9 Athletic Bilbao €35M €33M
10 Osasuna  €32M €25M
11 Getafe  €23M €26M
12 Espanyol €20M €24M
13 Granada €21M €20M
14 Real Betis €15M €19M
15 Almeria €11-14M (max)
16 Rayo Vallecano €11-14M (max)
17 Valladolid €11-14M (max)
18 Levante €11-14M (max)
19 Eleche €11-14M (max)
20 Celta Vigo  45M


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