Footballers who Smoked Cigarettes

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Football and smoking has a connection for more than 100 years, at the start of 19th century many tobacco companies were trying to persuade famous footballers than to help them advertise their cigarettes brands and some of the great players who were not even smokers did that for money. But instead of a very early history we look at recent history and present footballers who smokes.

Famous footballers who smoke cigarretes

Today we take a look at some of the past and present footballers who has been caught smoking cigarrets. Some of them are addicted and some just smoke one off cigarrete.

Ashley Cole

Ashley cole apperently become a chain smoker as soon as he kicks the last ball of the season, he has been seen smoking heavily on his summer vacations which often take him to United States. In the summer of 2012 he was seen smoking in United States and his new manager Jose Mourinho wont be taht impressed.

Fabio Coentrao

Another name in the list comes from Real madrid full back Fabio Contrao who has been seen smoking outside a night club. Though he labeled it as an “occasional thing not a habit”


Mario Balotelli

Now with balotelli it was invitable that he will get caught smoking. He was warned by ex City manager Roberto mancini for smoking or he will have to leave Manchester City, which he had to afterwards. Though as soon as he joined milan another smoking in train toiled incident happen making him a serial smoker to say the least.


Zinedine Zidane
Another legend from 1998 France winning World Cup squad memeber and the most important one as well, Zidane was caught smoking on camera but it was one off incident and he appeared in Anti Smoking campaign in 2002.

Fabian Barthez

Zidane’s Team mate Fabian Barthez is known to be a chain smoker and he has done it for all his career, though god knows how he hide it from Sir Alex. Who later said that he knew Barthez habit of smoking but prefer smoking than Alcohal.

Johan Cruyff

Dutch and Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff smoked 20 cigarrets a day and had to stop to save his life in 1991, since than he has been face of Anti Smoking campaigns around Europe.


Wayne Rooney

Rooney is one of the those footballers who would like to be in the news for one way or the other, smoking is not a habit for Rooney but he was caught smoking on holiday in Carribians.
Dimitar Berbatov

Berbatove siad about his smoking, that he dont smoke but if you see him with a cigarrete its an attempt to look cool, but his friends and players who have played with him descibe him a hooked smoker who is smoking if he is not playing.

Jack Wilshare

He is the reason we are writing this article, he made news a month ago when he was pictured smoking outside a night club but since than he has come under severe criticism and Arsene Wenger will make sure this kind of thing wont happen again.

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