WWE Famous entrances of all time

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 | 0

One of the most important and identifiable parts of a wrestler’s is their entrance. A wrestler’s entrance defines who they are, and how we feel about them, before they even step into the ring. A superstar’s entrance showed off his schizophrenic and deranged persona with as much efficacy as his promos and appearance. Here are the list of few superstars:

Kane – Kane is the Monster. A red filter comes over the WWE universe as an organ begins playing music straight out of your nightmares. As the music reaches its climax a wall of fire engulfs the entrance ramp and the Big Red Machine enters the arena. Kane entrance is terrifying. Kane would then approach the ring like a possessed psychopath. He would climb into the ring, slowly raises his hands, and summon fire from the four corners of the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – It’s funny, there isn’t a whole lot going on during Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance. And yet it’s one of the most captivating and exciting entrances around. The glass shatters. The guitar wails. Austin steps into the arena. He throws up his two finger salute at all four corners of the ring. Drinks beer as a glory.

The Rock – The Rock is the most charismatic wrestler of all time. No man could excite and entertain a crowd like The Rock. Partly because of his many classic catch phrases, but mostly because he had unparalleled mic skills. His most important distinction comes from being the people’s champion. “If you smell What the Rock, is cooking.” The guitar starts playing a smooth and catchy riff as the most electrifying man in sports entertainment comes out to a roaring ovation. The Rock gives us “The People’s Eyebrow”, struts down to the ring, climbs the turnbuckle and raises his hand.

The Undertaker – The Undertaker intimidated his opponents through his character alone. Later, The Undertaker started using the graveyard symphony as his entrance theme. First the bell tolls and the lights go out. Everyone’s on their feet. Camera lights are going off and an eerie hush falls over the crowd. The bell tolls again and the arena is almost silent. Lightning fills the titantron and a choir starts to sing. The bell continues to toll as mist pours from the entrance ramp. The Undertaker comes out and the roof nearly comes off the arena. You can’t even hear yourself think as the combination of the berserk crowd and the numbness you feel from Undertaker’s entrance itself consumes you. The Undertaker’s ministry entrance got darker and even more Gothic. He slowly makes his way to the ring, climbs the stairs, raises his arms, and turns on the lights as lighting strikes in the background. Undertaker enters the ring, takes off his overcoat, and slowly removes his hat. His eyes roll into the back of his head as one more thunderbolt strikes. The crowd gets stunned.

Triple H – HHH is the cerebral assassin. A heavy guitar chord rips through the arena as Motorhead reminds us that it’s time to play the game. He slowly walks to the ring as Motorhead’s theme rocks on. He climbs onto the outside of the ring and slowly scans the crowd. As his entrance song reaches its climax, HHH throws his hands into the air and sprays a mist of water into the audience. HHH then enters the ring, climbs the turn buckle and raises his hands posing for the crowd.

A superstar’s entrance, as it pertains to this list, includes more than just their theme music. When referring to a superstar’s entrance, I’m referring to their: theme music, demeanor, iconic spots, and affect on the crowd.



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